The Palcoin Claimdrop Ends on July 6th!

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The Deadline for the Palcoin Claimdrop is July 6th at 11:59 PM UTC!

How to Claim your Palcoins!

Go to Steem Engine and using Steem Keychain to login, go to your wallet. There you will see an icon on the top left corner of the screen, you need to click on it claim your tokens!

Refresh the wallet on Steem Engine and you will see the tokens from the claimdrop in your balance. You can also go to your wallet on and you will see the tokens there too.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the tokens to show up so if they don't show up right away just check back later and refresh.

If you didn't get the claimdrop you may not have been an active steem user over the last 3 months or you may have been on a blacklist.

Check out this post for more information regarding the claimdrop!

Please feel free to stop by the Palnet Discord if you have any questions!


It is very important that you use keychain to log in. Steemconnect didn't work for me at all!

Must it be steemkey chain. My laptop keeps having issues with it and I already use steemconnect

I am So Grateful for PAL and Thank You @minnowsupport. I Know we are Changing The World for The Better.........

I claimed mine but a few persons I Know were not successful.

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Without keychain I cannot claim it? I can't use keychain because am on phone and don't have PC or laptop.

Thank you for the reminder!

What happens to unclaimed claim drop coins? They get redistributed to others, burnt, invested?

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I claimed hours ago and got nothing yet how much time does it take?

The steem keychain is also available on Brave for those of you who don't use Chrome

@minnowsupport, Team hope that no one will miss it because in my opinion otherwise definitely they will going to miss an Golden Opportunity. Stay blessed.

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There are hundreds of people who missed it.

Yes. But to receive PAL Tokens there are some criteria and everyone will not fit in it if they are not active Steemians. And if they deserve and not received then it would be great if they would contacted the PALNET Team. Stay blessed.

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I'm talking about people who were airdropped PAL but didn't claim it despite being active & eligible. Hope all those forfeited tokens will be burnt or put to some good use. We still have no word from @minnowsuppport on it.

In my opinion they will come up with something effective or will burn those to add more value by reducing the supply.

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