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RE: Let's Give Something Back - A No Contest Giveaway! (20 prizes of SBI shares and tokens up for grabs!)

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OK. Prizes are all sent so please check the screenshots to make sure I got the spellings correct! Thanks again for joining in!
@skramatters @enforcer48 @abh12345 @joelai @roselifecoach @bengy @libert '@shanibeer @khimgoh @hadji @purepinay @melinda010100 @pushpedal @kaerpedium @sayee @chekohler @newageinv @mrscwin @niallon11 @bengiles
sbi screen1.png
@chekohler sports.png
@enforcer48 stem.png
@hadji geek.png
@khimgoh CCC.png
@melinda010100 actifit.png
@mrscwin actnearn.png
@newageinv marlians.png
@niallon11 geek.png
@purepinay leo.png


Thanks for the generosity. Where do I confirm I received this token? Didn't see anything in my steem engine wallet

Thanks a lot. you are so generous.

Lovely surprise, thank you 😊

Thanks for my 1000 sports already staked it!

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Thank you so very much! ❤️

Omg, i didn't expect to win 🙌
Thank you! You're awesome! 😘

! SBI status

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Cheers dude!

Hey @nathen007 thanks for your generousity! I have to ask you to teach me where to look for those Creative Coin Cryptos. I am just catching up on all the massive changes around Steem. Should I be checking the Steem Engine? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi @khimgoh . Steem-engine is the place you need to be. It's a simple sign in using Steemconnect or even more simpler using keychain if you have it set up.
I'm quite excited for you. I am sure of you haven't logged in there yet, a whole world of goodies will be awaiting you lol
Steem engine is just a place to buy sell and exchange tokens, or stake them like SP. Now we have many other niche front ends, they all have native tokens linked to their specific tag.

I use they use the Sports token and their tag is #sportstalk so anything tagged with #sportstalk appears in the sportstalksocial front end AND is aggregated in your Steemit front end too. It won't however appear in the tripleAAA (movie and drama reviews) front end....their tag is #aaa and their token is called AAA.

All the posts tagged with these specialist tags pay out in both Steem as normal + the native token so you can get double or even triple rewards.

As for the creative coins, I'm not sure whether their front end is up and running yet but it's supported by all the 'proper' content creators on Steem so it should be a great tag to follow!

I believe they use the#creativecoin tag so search it and take a look.

It's not as complicated as it sounds and I'm no a great writer so I hope this helps a little !

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PS I notice you use Actifit so they will also appear on Sports talk social feed and you be also earning sports tokens too...these will also appear in your Steem engine as rewards to collect !

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Cool thanks for the help! Checked it out and there are quite a few coins there! Now got to learn more about them tokens! 😁

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