PALnet: Testing the waters. -- What's up with Groot?

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Hey guys, i've missed quite a lot on here. Just heard about the new frontend recenntly and after a few minutes trying to understand how to claim the airdropped tokens, i'm finally here to test it out.

So, what have i been doing?
Well, apart from schooling, I've been up to nothing, really. It's been harder to write on here like i used to in the past. I've got another examination in college coming up in a week's time and I've been trying to make up for lost time with my academics.

Also, my lovable Lenovo X230 broke down about a month ago. Already taken it for repairs and 'tech guy' says it's a Power IC uhm... thing. I have a fairly modest smartphone and a windows tablet to help me read notifications and stay connected online. However, it isn't the same feel typing from a screen as it was with crushing those classic hardware keyboard. I don't feel the motivation to type for too long. Hopefully, tech guy comes through by next week.

I did spend a bit of time reading a few articles about how to claim the PAL tokens, how to stake them and how to earn them as an early adopter. Just staked all i have left. I shall be tagging future posts accordingly and i hope that this proves to be a satisfying and profitable social experiment in the future.

Tis' all for now. I shall be reading and participating in the community whenever necessary.
Win, guys.



Welcome to PAL @pangoli,

Lovely to see you here.

All the best......yes...hopefully you will hear some good news with regard to your computer.

Cheers from Bleu!

Thanks, Bleu.

@pangoli, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
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