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RE: Upvoteshares | Rule Change Proposals

in #palnetlast year

Great work as always! I'm a little behind in commenting, but I think it all looks good! Definitely a good idea to have a back up person just in case. Though hopefully you never have to worry about that. :)

Have people been using your Actifit thumbnails at all? I still think that was such a great idea, so I hope people have actually started to take advantage of it. It really isn't that hard to add in a quick cover photo along with your post. Not everyone writes novels like I tend to in my posts, but a tiny bit of customization goes a long way in making a post actually worth sharing.


Some actually have used them which was nice to see. I haven't pushed it that much though but will have some time next monday to make another one and maybe leave a reply in some of the actifit posts hoping they will change their ways. It's true that a tiny bit of effort makes a huge differnce. Than again, I guess most simply don't care whatsoever. I'm hoping at least to change the mind of some that are part of this project.

Yeah, it can take time for people to realize that the option is there. Perhaps they could pin that post in the Actifit discord or something for easy reference? Just a thought. :)