Vote Steem for Social Network of the Year in Hackernoon's Noonies Awards

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What are The Noonie Awards?

According to, this is The Tech Industry's Greenest Awards.

Welcome to Hackernoon's First Annual Noonies - where everything's democratic and your votes are the only things that matter. Voting closes on 16 August and winners will be announced on 20 August.
Quote from,

And Steem is nominated in the Social Network of the Year category!

Anyone in the know, knows that Hackernoon are one of blockchain tech industries oldest and most well respected newsletters. They provide weekly articles straight to your inbox in true old school styleee. Check em out and subscribe for plenty of crypto updates in articles from industry leaders.

There is plenty of time to vote for steem in the Social Network of the Year category! Voting will be open until 16th of August.

To vote please follow the link below and add your voice to try and topple twitter from the top spot.

There aren't many votes yet (376 votes at time of writing this post). So if we mobilize the steem army, both here and those who are consistently hammering promo on twitter with @nathanmars #Seven77 movement, as well as the promotional might of @theycallmedan and the #newsteem peeps, I'm sure we can run away with this award.

I shall be sharing this link to mobilize the troops on twitter from my account

... so lets all pull together to show the world, once again, that steem is the best decentralized social media out there.



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Done deal. Nice find. Hey @tarazkp! Come here! Let's play a little game of pass it on. Vote for this poll, leave a comment, tag a friend, tell them to do the same thing and tag a friend!

@nicholaslive help Steem by voting in this poll. Please tag a friend when you are done! Cheers!

@nicholasmerten help Steem by voting in this poll. Please tag a friend when you are done! Cheers :)

Cheers Nicholas

Thanks for voting for steem bro 🙂👍

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Awesome. Cheers, and great idea. I know @tarazkp, he was one of the fellow frat house boys in SF3 Krakow.

A tag off will indeed be interesting, and should spread the info quicker. If I had have started it though, I'd be the biggest spammer going... but now you've kicked things off I'm gonna tag a friend 😉

@soyrosa check this out and get your hackernoon voting hat on.

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One from the frat house team reports for voting ✋

@honeydue, come and vote for Steem, takes literally a single click.

Awesome... more of the frat house... in the house 👍

I'm just about to go out for some beers, but I'm thinking I might end up getting back to a few comments to answer.

Cheers m8.

Done! Now we'll 'just' have to stay number 1 :D

Thanks Rosa 🙂

I'm sure we can stay in the top spot 👍

#steem for the win

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Why not! Make it fun right. Hopefully everyone is awake. It should get rolling soon though. Might be thousands of comments here at some point. Won't that be fun.

Hey @meesterboom! Wake up over there! Come read this post and thread, then do what I said to do!

😆🤣 I'm just walking into the pub now 🍻🍺

Thousands of comments 😲

It Will be good exercise for my thumb.

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Well, it's my philosophy, that if we're nominated for Social Network of the Year, we better at least be social about it.

Any minute now...
I honestly thought word would travel faster than this... LOL! Not giving up hope just yet though!

still no 1000 of comments but one of these days, one of these days

i am sure @soyrosa will vote, and maybe even get some of here friends on the bandwagon.

and we are moving up, not bad.

I tried.

Yes yes yes! Voting as we speak :D We can do it! (No 1. for now, but we have to keep it there ;-))

Hey hey @bil.prag

Ha ha, the comments don't matter... But the steem community coming together to promote our blockchain... That's worth 1illion comments. I love that we all care, so much!

I haven't had a look at where we are in the pole... I'm gonna wake up in the morning... and I'm going to smile no matter what 🙂

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the ending clock is a bit messed up, not sure when it will end, because on the main pace it says 16 august.
also never heard of them so no idea how important are they in anything (not that i am that much informed about crypto to know the sites :D ) but we are first for now :D
so if its 16 august, maybe you will get that 1 mil comments :D

Ahhh well... It was late in the day on a Monday. But we're in 1st place now... Above twitter!

Which is 7 places higher than we were 8 hours ago. Happy days 😁

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LOL! @matt-a stole your thunder and landed a featured post. But hey, that works too I guess.

Ahh, didn't ask for it. It's a group effort. I have 4500-ish followers so maybe my personal post (made after reblogging this) got a few more eyes. We're in first now, that's all that matters!

Doesn't surprise me that stinc won't come near me, or give credit where it is due.

That's what happens when you ask difficult questions in the steem town hall show about people who run bidbots being allowed to be consensus witnesses. I suggested that anyone running a bidbot shouldn't be allowed a consensus vote as a witness. Radical idea, to stop the biggest leaches of value in the steem ecosystem to not be able to decide the future of steem.
Biggest problem with steem to my mind is allowing the destruction of our value proposition by sone of the people with the most privileged positions on steem, but if you voice these opinions in a public forum, then you get put on the naughty list.

Similar, happened when I let everybody know about the Brian Armstrong tweet on twitter asking what coin they should list next. I made a post and drumed up hype on twitter with all the #seven77 people. I even DM'd andrachy on discord asking if they'd contacted coinbase to indicate their willingness to work with coinbase. Was met with the same silence that my comment about bidbot owners got in the town hall show.

I gave up long ago on the idea that anyone at stinc will show any different behaviour in how they approach outsourcing to the community. Or supporting those who take this marketing work on off their own back. They're only interested in 'yes' men (or women), not addressing the difficult issues. They act like this whole thing is a high school kegger rather than a multimillion dollar fintech business. Ha ha, Ned and his famous 'playing guitar' interview style proved that.

NED: "What's that you're saying? I can't hear you over this guitar I'm playing. Speak up." 😆

But still, I will keep promoting steem like this as I want to see it grow, and see some reasonable return on the 6000+ steem I've earned on here through 2 years of writing and curating for curie.

P.s. none of this is aimed at you matt-a, the result is what matters. I'm glad everyone learned about this poll and that we're now number one. Also, great that you got featured m8.

As you say, it's the results that matter 👍

Cheers m8. I've been getting hackernoon newsletter for a while now, but I don't always read it. Luckily I did today 😂 otherwise I'd have missed this opportunity for some steem marketing love.

Appreciate you voting nonameslefttouse 👍

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I edited my comment with some extra details. This might get interesting.

My vote was number 611. Where are the thousands of Steemians?

Ha ha, cheers for your vote bro 600 is pretty good 👍

The thousands of steemians are on their way 🙂

On the way! Down you go Twitter!

Ha ha, twitter goes down... With the power of steem 😁

Cheers for your vote buddy. Much appreciated 👍

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Voted done my part

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Nice one bro 👍

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Thanks for the heads up. Voted and resteemed :0)

Cheers Mike. Thanks for voting, much appreciated 👍

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hear that steem is nominated, it is greatTo

Thanks for your vote m8 🙂

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No1 now!

Awesome 👍🙂

Thsnks for voting. Much appreciated 👍

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and, done.gif

Hey Traci. Always amazing to see you. Every day you retweet everyone on twitter promoting steem.

You are the best twitter promoter. Thanks for the retweet. You're a legend👍

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Aww, thanks so much Rowan! I've been a bit behind lately, thanks to some offline stuff, but your comment totally cheered me up! Much appreciated, and happy to RT you!

Good idea, voted and tweeted

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Cheers felander. I appreciate the tweet and share, and anything that spreads this far and wide to all steamians :-)

Cheers buddy. Much appreciated 👍

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Voted done my part.... 👍👍👍

Cheers 🙂

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Voted. @truthforce, let's spread this.

Cheers buddy. Much appreciated 👍

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Wow! This investment is worth giving it a go. We need to promote what is ours. Just like Detol say in it's popular advert

If we don't care, then who will?

In same vain, I ask the rhetorical question,

if steemians from across the different communities would not vote steemit to win the award, then who will?

@uyobong, please do justice to this, your vote counts.

Thanks for voting. Much appreciated 👍

Voted, top spot still going strong 😀

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Thanks for voting Nik. Much appreciated 👍

Top spot is ours 🙂

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Let's hope it stays! I'm feeling buoyed by all the community stuff that's going on and I'm on a mission to dolphinhood 🐬

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Glad that you brought this to my attention! Nice! Let's spread the word!

Cheers man. Much appreciated 👍

let's spread the word to all steemians to vote 🙂

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