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RE: Master Cleanse - 4-5 days of Fasting

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I also wrestled and had some moderate success at doing so. My weight class was slightly lower than yours. Wrestlers have an advantage with fasting/losing weight as we trained our bodies to be use to having a lack of food as many of us lose an abundance of weight for competition.

There's lots of benefits to fasting and allot of the top MMA fighters use that method. Below is GSP (A top semi-retired MMA fighter) talking about intermediate fasting.

Personally if I was going the one meal a day route I would eat that meal sometime after hours of waking up. The reasoning for this is because of our activity during the day will help burn the calories we consumed from our meal. Eating before going to bed doesn't have that advantage.

Good luck with your goals!


Oh man, you as an athlete should be more careful about your sources. This guy is full of it.

Here are some scientific facts about I.F:

You can verify the citations of the videos below them.

That guy is known as the best P4P MMA fighter of his generation and possibly ever. He is a two division MMA world champion (Only a handful of people in the world can say that) and a big part of his life has been centered around weight loss. I would give his opinion about fasting more weight than most others due to those facts.

I'm of the opinion what works for one may not work for others as our bodies may respond differently to a fast. So what GSP is claiming may very well be true for him and some others but if I or you done it we may not get the same results. I'm aware of the risks of fasting but with every article/claim of risk there is another saying its healthy which furthers my opinion of we are all different and fasting may be great for some but not so great for others.

i mean why listen to a guy who has a proven track record of excellence in one of the most difficult sports of all time when there are some youtube videos from some channel that says something else?