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Very good @costanza. As always, I appreciate the thought and effort you put into this program. Which is one of the reasons I elected some time ago to invest as much into it as I have.

I am humbled and honored that you have chosen me to help shore up one potential problem. Of course, I hope the need to have to even think about it never becomes reality. May you “live long and prosper” @costanza! 👍

On this …

”All curation rewards form inactive reserved shares …”

… how are you defining ”inactive?”

Also (no promises or commitments to be implied …), would you please confirm that any of us may elect to purchase shares for an account other than our own? It would take a bit of a “tweak” I suppose, on the content of the memo for the transfer of STEEM transaction, but I assume that is not a problem.

Other than that, I fully support all that you have laid out for us here in this post. I would encourage all shareholders to give some thought as to how this program might be “marketed” in their own way. I will give that some thought myself. For now, I am resteeming this post. To my ”legion” of supporters … 😉 👍

… how are you defining ”inactive?”
Shares that have been paid for by the program but are not active. Those are for sponsorship conversions, potential future giveaways & shares that have been burned. I could choose the pay their dividends out to the program but rather just increase the returns for everyone that is really Involved in the project.
would you please confirm that any of us may elect to purchase shares for an account other than our own? I

I used to have it written in previous post where new levels become availabel but removed it to shorten th post a bit.

So basically it's possible to sponsor someone giving them the benetits of the upvotes while the steem will be returned in case the project would come to an end.

Thanks for the resteem! For as far as marketing goes, as long as the program will give good returns I'm sure it won't be much of a problem to continue progressing. I'll have the program buy up the shares that don't get sold which increases the returns for everyone and the curation dividend system also gives a good incentive I would say as getting more share increases the curation dividend % of all previous shares.

(I'll reply on Discord Tomorrow)

Okay, thanks!