Trying procreate

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Well still trying to control this thing and practicing. I’m trying to draw in procreate now and feels like a huge step backwards but I will get there.

Well here is a fast try out. Not happy with my lines but practice practice practice....and patience

Just started doodling before sleep


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Procreate is awesome. Takes some getting used to, but I think you'll like it.

Did you try other apps too like Artstudio pro? And do you have some kind of screen protector? I hear different things about that it would improve as it gives more paper feel.

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No, but my husband is the artist in the family, more than me. I just stole his iPad pro to try it.
We do have a screen protector, and I think it helps a lot. Gives a little resistance to the pencil so it's not so slippery.

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Ah cool I ordered one I hope it makes it easier do draw :)

Procreate is pretty cool. Nobody gets good without practice, we all need practice, practice. :)

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True about practice but I already practiced so much with a real pencil :|

Will I call this the eyes of the God's? They are really watching us.

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Procreate is a fun, intuitive app. I don’t get an opportunity to use it as often as I would like, but it’s definitely a valuable tool in my designer toolbox!

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It sure is I’m trying all different drawing apps now wish there were more demos instead of purchasing it first...

Procreate is pretty cool! I am trying it out recently as well, on a friend's iPad :D I kinda like it, but I'm still not used to it .... Yours look really you though, in terms of style and colours :D Very nice picture, Sander !!!

Thank you @veryspider. I'm trying multiple apps to find the right one. I like procreate but the smoothness in lines isn't what I'm just too. Did you use it with a screen protector?

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