Witness-Gate - An opinion piece

in #palnetlast year


Watching the shit-show that is the attempted take-over of this wonderful chain take place, it has raised some real concerns about some of the witnesses that have been very vocal in this.

The 'town-hall' meetings with the Tron team and the postings on Twitter, have been a point in truth of this and have really shown to me how bright some of our witnesses are from a technical perspective, but how little social processing skills they have in an open discussion forum.

From my perspective, although obviously very talented coders, some of our 'representatives' need to work on their skills when speaking in a public forum. Getting emotional and threatening to get lawyers involved does not push forward any discussions in a positive manner.

I have been here supporting and writing for three years or so and don't want to see this all fall in a heap, but we still need to work with the TRON team in some capacity to reach a resolution. Them taking over the network fully is not the answer, but strong negotiations must take place by reasonable and skilled people. Perhaps this is the one downfall of a decentralised system when there is no ONE, SKILLED negotiator/representative of the community suitable to handle these situations.

Anyway, hopefully this is all resolved soon, as it is surely scaring any new. uneducated users from going anywhere near steem!

These are my opinions......


Right, we need ideas going forward, rather than egos and I'm not seeing many ideas, especially from the witnesses.

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