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RE: Planning For Steem-Light Accounts?

in #palnet2 years ago

This light wallet might have potential I like the idea, that being said what attracted me to Steem over the other crypto's I own was the interaction of bloggers on this blockchain.

This light wallet might get the attention of people, and will help, but the fact remains that it is so difficult to sign up for a Steem account, and no one is addressing this problem!
This problem just keeps getting side stepped....
I tried to help a friend who waited three weeks to get her Steemit account set up with her keys via text's.
I spent three hours yesterday on the phone trying to find out what she did wrong.
Her account is listed on explorer, but I fear it is now a dead account....
She is so lost.... i don't know if she even has her master password anymore....
I don't know if she could or would start the process over again with a new account, because Steemit's free account's require a phone number ,that would be tied to the "dead" account!
Can we fix this first, so we really can on-board users?