Promoting an Eco System Between STEEM-ENGINE Tokens. (Early Stages)

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Helping Communities.

Over the last few weeks I have been brainstorming on how to help add Value to Communities/Tokens coming out of the STEEM-ENGINE. Because I lack the Stake to up vote or delegate to Communities or Tokens I had to think outside the box. What I came up with ( I think ) will work in the favor of everyone.

Adding Value Through Service & Products.

I have decided to accept certain tokens in exchange for real products.

Utilization of Steem-Engine Tokens.


As we are still working and tweaking the details on a system that will compliment us accepting Community Tokens for Shirts and other items, we believe that by making people buy other community tokens in order to purchase that said communities t-shirt, it will increase more natural trading between communities (if that makes sense?)

How Communities can take advantage of this is by:

  1. Creating their own Designs and Logos within their communities and submitting them to @cmmerch to put on their shirts.
  2. Offer Unique and One of a kind Items.
  3. Community Leaders Can purchase shirts for their communities via their token.

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I do like where this is going.
Isn't there are discord you had for cmmerch somewhere? Have you created a website yet for selling merchandise? I suppose we'll need a merchant system for Steem-engine tokens first.

re-creating the discord.:D