Are there any Austinites that want to sit down and discuss were we go from here (in person)?

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I'm in Austin, Texas.

Is there anyone in Central Texas that wants to talk about where we go from here as individual Steemers?

We can call the meeting coffee and gripes!

@valued-customer mentioned meshnets, and that sounds like a good idea to consider.

other ideas, from supporting a new platform to retaliation or legalguerilla action (although I have no idea of how to do so in this environment) could be discussed.

I have to admit I am very frustrated and saddened by this CCP takeover


i would love to sit down and talk about this
... and i am thinking about moving closer to Texas
... but, i am several states away.

In the end, these media platforms will be completely decentralized.
And completely under the control of the writer.

Because everyone will have (what i call) a "Wall server"
and the f-c-book of the future, will just be a browser that goes and collects all of your friend's updates.

So, you will have complete control over who gets to see what data.
(of course, you are not in control of the data that gets shared from that point)

you can try to organize locally.

and I think the idea of meshnets is the tits

My ideas are far more far fetched.

i intend to replace the internet.
Inter-connects 3.0 world-wide private connectivity.

i need a workshop now.

AZ or the east side of Texas, or NM look like good spots.
i feel it will be more about finding a community that i work well with.