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These unsourced 4chan posts confirm to my own bias in how the Deep State is structured, if differing in details. I'm not making a claim for the truth behind these claims one way or another. Your own views depend on your experience and education in these matters

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I think the first guy is telling it straight as he knows it, but as he points out, his involvement is peripheral. His ad hoc characterization of globalist's goals is unlikely to conform to the actual long study and consideration of those goals by generational wealth.

The second is too blurry for my old eyes to read, but I don't know if that matters.

The reason I don't think that matters is because I believe we are at the beginning of the end. The pandemic is the proximate cause necessary to recruit the professional military to undertake subjugation of global population, and a temporary imposition of a murderous totalitarian global state that eliminates literally everyone they don't want to own for their harems or other purposes. By the time the professional military is horrified enough to stop participating, another pandemic or similar mechanism introduced through vaccination will be employed to terminate them, leaving only the investor class, their serfs and harems, and the automated means of producing their luxury quality of life.

Given such an end goal, no one would share such with a clever marketing guy. After this pandemic, they won't need clever marketing guys.

Since this is my assessment, I do not agree that the highest level of the deep state functions in this way. At some level, perhaps the level of ordinary CEOs it does. However, at the Jacob Rothschild level, ordinary CEOs aren't on a need to know basis, and won't be until the deed is done. No point in potentiating a resistance. What they don't know won't hurt you, or get in your way, if you're Jacob Rothschild's heir. Once it's done, there would be no point to resistance, and there's neither any point to politics, as every remaining fertile individual of the former investor class will essentially be a god, delivered of all the fruits AI and automation will create, ruling over his subjects with unquestionable authority and utterly competent power.


i agree with you. The white paper writer is a useful idiot, told only what he needs to know.

Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley clearly shows what the "elite" are up to.
They own both sides, coke and pepsi
and work both sides towards their ends

useful idiot is precisely the right term, but in this case, the writer chooses to be willfully ignorant so as to collect that sweet sweet think-tank payoff

They are likely pulling several different plans; each originating from a different kakistocracy.

Perhaps their plans conflict with or sabotage each other...


I just napalmed my image collection, or that would have been added

It gets quite blurry in the end but I'd say we are subject to some kind of identity crisis. Everything that makes us different (race, nationality, gender, age, political orientation, sexual orientation...) has become a factor of division.

Divide and Rule.

One of the concepts that we had quite a bit of #informationwar discussion regarding

far too small to read much, but what i read sounded absolutely spot on, as far as the methods and systems. does it mention who though?

The second poster indicates the Baker Institute

Even when i was a neocon, I distrusted the Archer-Midland-Daniels, country-club set of the GOPE, of which baker was a leading figure...

thanks, though i meant does it mention who is directing the world into the toilet, in order to create a global system of control, and therefore slavery, for humanity?

I tend to think of it in terms of multiple sets of corruptocrats; my viewpoint is that a grand conspiracy would be hard to manage. OTOH, because it's all behind closed doors, it is probable I am wrong in many of my views

i know that feeling..

there must be a central guiding (human) hand though, or it would be far more random, and breakable.
probably more important than who is what those who have removed the veil should do about it - not to oppose it as it's a done deal this late in the game, but how they can avoid the worst aspects of the coming total enslavement of mankind. peace.

Everything on 4 chan is worthless garbage and the people who believe are retards