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RE: Upvoteshares | Rule Change Proposals

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First off I need 2 more shares the next time they are available for myself and pifc would like to purchase 1 share. Get us both up to 12 shares.

With that out of the way onto the proposals. I think you are good with all except Actifit. If you are running your own bot skip any posts with the tag and call it a day. Trying to manually see who is making better posts vs pure spam is way to time consuming IMO. The posts are about equal to when Drug Wars users made a post for battle reports to earn a vote. At least now those don't clutter the news feeds of everyone.


Reservations have been added, 11 share is the minimum to receive curation didvidends. there is a multiplier making all shares worth more in dividends for each extra share up t 100 max which gives a 20% bonus on all shares.

For as far as the actifit posts go, I'm using steemauto and there is no way I think to auto-exclude cerain tags. I think it's at least a step in the right direction to void standarized actifit posts. Some actually make valid actifit posts so it would not be fair to them to auto-exclude those. I do agree though on the drugwars comparison.

Thanks for making those reservations.

I don't think steem-auto has any functions like that either or I'd already be using

BTW, still waiting on BJ to get back to me. Sorry on the delay for that.