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There's a shortage of perfect cat coins in the world, but don't worry about damaging this one.
-Wesley "Farm Boy" McGillicutty


As Wesley so famously said, there's a shortage of perfect cat coins in the world. In fact, there just aren't that many coins with cats on them at all. Sure, there are coins with Lions, and Tigers, and Bears (oh, my!); however there just aren't that many with regular cats on them. I did find this one though.

This coin is an Andean Cat, aka Gato Andino and is one troy ounce of fine silver. There's something really special about this coin though...

Five 9s!!!


It was made by the Royal Silver Company. I guess that actually means it's a "round" not a "coin" as there's no currency value on it.


There's my little silver cat. It's got a strange-looking face, but it will do for now.

Anyone know any other coins that have cats on them?

Ono Small.png


LMAO! It looks like something the Canadian mint would put out. I've gotta say it's the first silver coin in .99999. Really cool!

I don't know if it's the first, but it's definitely my first with five 9s. And, yes the Canadian mint does put out all sorts of wacky coins.

I meant the first .99999 coin I've seen. And holy crap. I looked up some info on these...these are bringing some huge premiums!

Surprisingly five 9s isn't super common. I keep it in the case because with a purity like that, the air coin dent it. :P

I hadn't looked it up, but it seems they're selling for around $30 on ebay. Not too bad!

I must not have looked very good. All the ones I found were $50-$80. Either way that is a really cool coin and fairly rare.

Hey, @themanwithnoname.

Cats, or so I've heard—mostly in passing, not because I was looking it up or nothing—are familiars for all kinds of supernatural beings, so it's no wonder you can't find a lot of them on coins, let alone a good looking one.

Now, if you believed any of that major leap of logic, even for an instant, I have a cat made out of .99999 fine fur I want to sell you. :)

I have a cat made out of .99999 fine fur I want to sell you.

"I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona."

I'll be buying that from you in 2051, just prior to the "big one." :)

I do have to say, though, cats not being on coins is kind of weird. I suppose, though, between Lions, Tigers, and other felines, domesticated cats, even though they might think so, aren't quite as regal. Or ferocious. Or fear instilling.

I mean, they're competing with dragons and the Queen. :)

5 nines?!!! I feel like a cat round should have nine 9’s. 😂🤣

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