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RE: @ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

in #palnet2 years ago

IMHO, someone should go after @haejin bot before flagging human content creators who actually contribute to the platform.

I understand that going after accounts like haejin means he will flag you back (been there myself and got flagged for a week), so I guess going after the easy targets who won't flag back is far more appealing.

But here we are with (what appears to be) a bot posting images multiple times a day and upvoting itself with an 85 Reputation on Steem. That's not looking good for this ecosystem from the outside.

I know some feel he (the bot) is invaluable to helping you trade ... but I could say up/down 4-8x a day and you'd probably have the same returns.

I like @anomadsoul FWIW, I just disagree with this approach and (others) justification. ;)

Just my 2 STEEM.


Haejin is being targeted a lot, check blocktrades's flags, he's singlehandedly handling Haejin.

You know vote trading rings tuck, and if you analyze the voting behaviour of people flagged by ocdb, you'll understand why we are downvoting what we are.

I appreciate the feedback nevertheless.

Oh, and we are indeed getting flags back, acidyo, OCD and myself from people with 1MM SP. But we are not making a fuzz about it because it's a price we don't mind paying if it betters the Ecosystem. In fact, I prefer to receive them myself than some plankton who are positive for the community's development

You are sooo full of bullshit!!!

You're entitled to your opinion and I respect it.