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5 Nitrous Platforms I Would Like To See Happen

When it comes to the new Nitrous platforms that are popping up on STEEM i feel like some of the best opportunities to mobilize our audience are being missed. Tokenization incentivizes activity and participation. We should be incentivizing communities that can generate a lot of new activity on our blockchain or which serve towards a broader STEEM-based objective we wish to lean towards.

Let's make this happen, ok???

My top 5 ideas:

Here are 5 ideas I would like to see for the next Nitrous platforms that come about.

  1. STEEM-burning. A token and platform dedicated to rewarding those who post about and act upon innovative ways to burn STEEM and/or STEEM-based tokens.
  2. Christian community. My own biases well recognized here, the thriving Christian community needs a dedicated and niche space here on STEEM.
  3. STEEM marketing. Incentivizing our users via a new token that rewards instances of grass roots advertising for the Steem blockchain. Ideally, this would have a much higher curation to author reward ratio.
  4. Politics. Call this a no-brainer, but why hasn't a dedicated cryptocurrency-based Nitrous platform emerge yet? Nothing stirs up activity like talking about unsafe topics such as this.
  5. Powering-Up / Staking. A platform and token dedicated to showing proof of staking. Again, a higher curation to author reward ratio.

Please feel free to pass this post on and/or contribute your own ideas to an influential STEEM-user nearest to you.

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Burning steem is stupid idea.
Would you burn your earned dollars to help the rise of its value on the exchanges?

No i wouldn't. Because I am a selfish individual. But collectively i would consider it, just like i would particpate in a group charity drive. Are stock buybacks a stupid idea too? Companies earn their earned dollars to help rise the value of their stock on the exchanges. It just depends on the sentiment of the willing, and some dont mind sacrificing for a greater good.

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We are selfish by default. All live creatures are.
Charity is BS.
Steemit.inc is a company. They should burn tokens.
If you buy Amazon stocks you're not burning them. Amazon doing that.

And sacrificing for the greater good? Common man, get serious.

With your mindset, you're ready for a big surprise down the road.

But that is just my opinion and experiences and I don't expect anybody to agree with me.

But I wish you good luck.

I think he's saying that there would be an exchange of value. You'd be paying for promotion the money just ends up at @null ... it's still a payment for a service.
Now the question at hand is how much is that service worth? Depends on how many people see the promotion i guess.

We also need #homesteading for sure.

recently i start to know about nitrous platforms . Looking forward more to discover it

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