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RE: The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

in #palnet2 years ago

Thank you for the rrward and congratulations to the winner(s) and all who join this league. Who knows the new commentcoin #cc will.stimulate more Steemians to leave a comment. Happy day to all. 💕

P.s. Sorry but my connection doesn't allow me to load this post. Guess too heavy.

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My pleasure:)

I hope you can improve your Net connection in the future.

I doubt my connection will ever change. It did not so in the past 10 years. I tried all providers they only charged more through thr years. No provider invests in those on the country only in cities and not even great in cities in the North, East and South part of the country.
People depend on it, school, job, governments, banks, everyone forces you in having it so providers can ask what they like without improving the net. People pay because it is better as nothing.

And... thanks again for the prize 💕😘

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