Pandemic Blues

in #pandemiclast year

Although this crisis started off terrifying, well it still is, but can we do except pray and stay safe. Stay safe too ensure a better future for our loved ones and our youth. Baby number 2 was born this year in January and I felt so bummed out in march hearing all the crazy headlines. Along with my postpartum depression kicking in here and there, I had lost hope in living a normal life.

Living on as the Almighty Allah always reassures us that there is more too our happiness than just walking the streets freely. Waking up in the middle of the night to crying was hectic like it normally is but it gave me an insight on how i'm the nurturer here. I may feel sad but I am the whole world for my 2 babies. My mother always taught me that there's always ease after pain, and that's what has been making me push through my depression and blues. The pandemic was a life lesson for me that i'll never forget.

Being home with my children and spending my sad days with them, made me realize that they are my internal peace. Without them here I might of been stuck in a mindset of no return. But having them here for me reminded me that everything will be okay. As long as we all stay safe and strong during this pandemic we will all be okay and the end of it all.