Lockdown round two?

in #pandemiclast month


Remember when there was so much argument about whether we should shut down. Well we have our answer. The spike in Texas has been reversed and our hospitals are not being overwhelmed. Believe me if that was true it would be all over the media. The fact that it is not is all the evidence I need that we are doing alright in Texas. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but alright.

And we are not shut down. We are masking. We are social distancing. We are operating our restaurants at partial capacity. But we are not shut down. Do I want to wear masks the rest of my life and not be able to go to my church. NOOOO. But I accept this as a temporary fix until we get a vaccine or sufficient treatments so that COVID is under control. There is no need for shut downs. Just reasonable measures.

And I will tell you another reason why we will not have shut downs. The protests. The hypocrisy of the relatively gentle way some of the proponents of shut downs have treated the protests relative to other events has not gone unnoticed. And I know there are some who rushed out with data trying to show that the protests did not contribute to a spread but even if I believe that data, and I am skeptical given the way it was handled, there is no way we could have known that the protests would not have accelerated the spread when they were being allowed and even encouraged. It was amusing how some people were castigating conservatives for not caring if grandma died then suddenly shut up when it came to what the protesters could have done.

If there are shut down attempts I would expect a lot of resistance. And I will be part of that resistance. But I do not think we will get shut downs. We will have to stay in this nebulous state of mask and social distancing for a while. I do not like that state but I will accept it. I will not accept shut downs and given what we have now seen I do not think anyone should - except in a special and unusual circumstances (I don't even know what these might be at this point).

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