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The world is about to change with the present day trends together with blockchain and ecology. Russian scientists have created Papusha Rocket Technology undertaking which mixes blockchain, ecology and space technologies.

Anatoly I. Papusha is a global-well-known scientist, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Laureate of the state prize of the USSR. In the 1980s the maximum effective rocket engine inside the world became created for the Soviet Buran space application. To check this rocket engine, as a member of the organization of scientists Anatoly I. Papusha created the world’s biggest combustion chamber carbon monoxide afterburner.

The brand new rocket engine released a jet of gases that contained about a ton of carbon monoxide every second. For 180 seconds, the engine should produce as much carbon monoxide gas as is produced by means of all vehicles in Moscow in an afternoon. however, A.I Papush came up with an innovation that reduced the emission of carbon monoxide from 1000kg to just 1Kg in step with the second.

For this development, Anatoly I. Papusha turned into awarded the state prize of the USSR.

The economic international has swept the globe through the hurricane with even far off areas of the sector utilising hydrocarbon fuels at unheard of ranges. At a similar increase rate, rocket technology has propelled our civilization to the moon and past. The Papusha crew plans to capitalize upon the exciting technology with the world’s first rocket technology ICO. The group will release the first blockchain based rocket gas organisation to be developed with fuel from oil residues offered from refineries. The group will be led by way of an education from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Mr Anatoly I. Papusha. He has helped expand an operating MVP of the service, known as PRT-1, which already holds patents, is international identified, and already functioning. permit’s take a closer to take a look at how Papusha will develop a solution to the trouble of residuals left after oil refining.


This project will utilize transonic combustion, so one can do away with poisonous residues. through adjustments of inventions created via Anatoly I. Papusha, it'll be possible to extract treasured products like kerosene, diesel, and synthetic oil. The PRT unit that has been developed has small dimensions, reliable, high efficiency, and a low payback length. This small PRT unit will have an output of up to 60% liquid fuel. There may be absolutely no competitor to this technology within the world. There has already been a number of interest expressed with the aid of primary oil refineries inside the international. A single PRT unit costs approximately $950,000 USD, that's in many instances less than what other less efficient units cost. The payback period has been expected at about 7 months.

Papusha Rocket Technology ICO

  • Token: PRT
  • Price 1: ETH = 3,500 PRT
  • MVP/Prototype: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Hard cap: 13,500 ETH
  • Country: Russia
  • Whitelist/KYC: None

Token Allocation


Papusha Rocket Technology Team

The team also includes dozens of skilled marketing and blockchain professionals who work hard for the hit development of this project.

Core Team




The Papusha team plans to repurpose oil residues to be used as a gas rather than their former nature to pollute the world at the same time as destroying fauna and flora. To accomplish that, the team will launch the PRT ICO. This will visit funding the small-capacity oil refining units to produce liquid fuel from refinery residuals. It is estimated that ordinary refineries around the sector generate 1.35 million heaps of residues.

With this large quantity in mind, the ability of a single PRT-2 unit can procedure 30 to 90 lots of waste. Consequently, the world requires nearly a twelve thousand machines to technique residues produced every day. In addition, troubles exist inside the oil enterprise as properly which the group believes they can assist clear up. There are many storage devices and lakes with the vain black mass inside that may cause an ecological disaster for the subsequent century.


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