Dream Visits - Part 1

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Over my lifetime I have had what I consider to be 'Dream Visits' from past loved ones or people that have been close to me.

These dreams are very different from my normal dreams. They have a very real feeling to them, I have felt touch and even experienced smells.

I've come to believe that I am in the Astral Plane when these dreams occur. At least that is the best I can explain it. I'm not as knowledgeable in the terms as I'd like to be but I know what I have experienced.

I talked about my earliest dream like this, in a post called 'Recurring Dreams'. That link will be provided further below, along with a couple of others. I will retell that particular dream here though because it pertains to both posts.

I was always sitting on a bench in what seemed like a cloudy garden. The bench had a trellis that had red roses and vines growing on it. I was always sitting with a beautiful young lady that had long curly red hair. We were both wearing white. She told me that she was my sister and gave me her name. We would sit there and talk for what seemed like hours but I could never remember the details of our conversations.

I did not tell my mother about these dreams for awhile but when I did she was in shock. I had never been told, but my mom did have a baby girl five years before me. The baby was premature and only lived for about twenty-four hours. The name I got in the dream was the same one my parents named that baby. That little girl was born with red hair. Mom showed me the only photo she had of the baby and the hair color matched as well.

I cannot tell you when the dream stopped I just know that they eventually did. None of my other dream visits were recurring.


The next significant one was after we lost my kids dad to cancer. We were in an airport but I was confused because I knew he had died and I didn't understand how I was with him.

I knew we were going on a trip together but no matter how much I tried I could not bored this airplane with him. I tried several times. He finally turned around, I could feel him place both of his hands on my arms, he looked me in the eyes and told me that it was not my time and I could not join him on this trip. That was the point that I woke up in tears.


My Great Aunt and I were very close. I always loved talking to her and we exchanged letters when I moved away. At some point we started to exchange coupons. There was one particular coupon for Oil of Olay that we sent back and forth as a personal joke. My job would not let me off for her services when she passed away.

I was sitting at her kitchen table, waiting for my Aunt. She came in, sat down and we talked. Much like we had many times during her life. Her kitchen always smelled like coffee and the smell was present in the dream.

She suddenly looked up at me with a seriousness in her eyes, and she told me that she understood why I could not make it to her services. She told me not to let myself worry about it anymore.

Then she proceeded to dig around in a napkin holder she had on the table. I was very familiar with it because it had sit there for as long as I could remember. She finally got a smile from ear to ear and pulled out this coupon that we had been trading back and forth.

I could tell she was very proud that she had it. Then she told me, it had been there in the napkin holder since I sent it back to her last.

I wish I could have confirmed that the coupon was really still in the napkin holder but it didn't take my uncle long to get rid of her house and belongings after she passed.

I have more to share but I don't want this post to be five miles long. I will make a Part 2 to this post for tomorrow.

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