No WINNERS from yesterdays battles... Let's try again a REMATCH today 5pm PST (Pacific) @chromatic-dragon STEEM MONSTERS Challenge held by @frankcapitalsteemCreated with Sketch.

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So far 3 CHALLENGERS has been accepted and confirmed via the @partiko app.




Please RESTEEM and check-in in the comments below via @partiko app for a battle against @chromatic-dragon LEVEL 1 STEEM MONSTERS CARDS NOVICE ONLY!!!

Whoever defeats @chromatic-dragon will receive 1-FREE BETA BOOSTER PACK..

FIRST CHECK-IN WILL RECEIVE MESSAGE FROM THE @partiko app from @chromatic-dragon

SECOND CHECK-IN WILL RECEIVE 2ND MESSAGE FROM THE @partiko app from @chromatic-dragon and so on until WINNER is announced.

Battle results should last less than hour depending on last minute challenges that have completed DAY 1 CHALLENGE


The Chromatic-Dragon Challenge battle REMATCH starts NOW...

Good luck!

P.S. Don't bring a common/knife to legendary/gun fight...

P.S.S. Only todays confirmed participants who battled against @chromatic-dragon win or lose and have completed the DAILY CHROMATIC-DRAGON CHALLENGES are still in the running for the FREE @chromatic-dragon LEVEL 1 STEEM MONSTERS DRAGON SPLINTER CARD.

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Checking in via the iOS partiko app.

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Sending @chromatic-dragon challenge via per your @ethanandrew check-in.

You have 10 minutes to view and accept CHALLENGE!

Good luck!

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