Accused British Scammer Edward Roworth Faces Legal Action

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Accused British Scammer Edward Roworth Faces Legal Action

Walter Gomez, a Costa Rican entrepreneur best known as the founder of BORSER, has announced his intention to pursue legal action (including international action) against Edward Roworth, whom he accuses of trying to scam him out of his company.

Beginning in 2015, Jaspal Singh Arri initiated contact with Walter Gomez and several other business people, scamming them out of more than $1 million and defaulting on a contract that he had signed with the group. Breaking off communication with Mr. Gomez late that year, he had already duped the Costa Rican cryptocurrency magnate out of large numbers of bolivares with the promise of a preferred-rate conversion. While this scam seemed costly at the time, it would pale in comparison to the scam that Edward Patrick Roworth allegedly tried to perpetrate.

Representing himself as the director of Eco Worldwide Ltd, Edward Roworth proposed a transaction similar to the one that Mr. Arri had proposed. Correspondence between Mr. Roworth and Mr. Gomez continued, and Mr. Roworth eventually requested shares in Mr. Gomez’s company, involving another associate (an Australian man known only to Mr. Gomez as Charles) in a $7,500 purchase.

From asking Mr. Gomez to increase his participation in the company to insisting on continued share issuance, Mr. Roworth seemed bent on wrapping his finances tightly with Mr. Gomez’s – until Mr. Gomez learned that Mr. Arri was in fact a part of Mr. Roworth’s organization. Instead of repaying the funds already stolen from Mr. Gomez (upwards of $1 million), Mr. Roworth instead initiated a smear campaign, contacting mutual associates and in effect slandering Mr. Gomez

Sending out an explanation to his shareholders earlier this month, Mr. Gomez has officially filed notice of legal action in London – seeking the $1 million that Mr. Arri absconded with in 2015 and damages for the smear campaign that Mr. Arri and Mr. Roworth spearheaded.

Mr. Roworth’s response? “Pay up or the smear campaign continues!”

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