Hi everyone. Today is my birthday !!!

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Hello guys. I hope you doing fine nowadays.

Lately i've been reading others posts and upvoting some good content that i found and i realised that steemit has really awesome writers.

A friend of mine reads alot and i suggested him to check out some blogs on the platform.
He started reading then after three hours he called me and asked if i can show him how to make an account. I hope he joins as soon as he can so when he does i will introduce him to all of you so you can follow him and his blogs because he is a talented guy.
Whatsoever, i wanted to let you know about it now lets get to the point down bellow:

I wanted to let you people know that today is my birthday and i have some plans in my mind.

Yesterday ive worked an half shift at work just so i could arrange some kind of agreement with few places so i can call some friends and have fun together.

I also got a day off for tomorrow too.

I made a reservation in a restauran so i can eat dinner with the ones i'm going to invite and later i've bought some tickets for those close friends so we can go into a nice party which happened to be right on my birthday date.

If you guys have any suggestion or any idea i would love to hear it

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Happy birthday! Look forward to your plan!

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I accidentaly posted it like that so i had to edit my post to write my plans.
Sorry for not writing them on time.

Check them out and let me know if you have any idea or suggestion !

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As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Thank you

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Happy birthday brother, do enjoy!

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Thank you my lovely friend !

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Happy birthday :)

Thank you @dbooster

Happy birthday friend, I hope you are doing very well today !!!🎂 🙌

I'm doing great my friend thank you very much for the greetings and for stopping by i appreciate your help as always

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Happy Belated Birthday @helamia!

Thank you @jeffjagoe

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