They will lose anyway (I.e cable companies that think they won't lose to cordcutting.

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Let me be real with these cable TV and Internet CEO's that say they wouldn't lose and think I am going to be alright because I am still in business plus people will still buy your product, the more times you raised your prices, the more costumers you lose...

Wait will January 1st every year, they aren't lying, that is what they do. Raising prices while the content holders want more money from the companies themselves like Comcast, Dish Network, AT&T/Directv and the rest due to contract issues which is enough to lose costumers such as what happened to Univision when it came to Dish Network last year. At the end, 5G and other technologies I hope will end cable TV and internet once and for all.

All my thoughts came from this article from cord cutters news... And this article.

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