The Right Wing Is Panicking About 'Baby Bust' But Won'T Support Pro-Family Policies - [2021-04-19 Ape9Gr]

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The right wing is panicking about 'baby bust' but won't support pro-family policies: Eliza Relman

Joe Biden is getting ready to unveil another far-reaching set of proposals that would dramatically expand the social safety net for families.

How Dara Khosrowshahi cleaned up Uber's toxic culture: Mark Matousek

Insider spoke with 21 current and former Uber employees about CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's efforts to cleanse the company of its scandal-plagued legacy.

Bernie Sanders says Putin is murdering Navalny 'in front of the world': John Haltiwanger

The Biden administration has warned Russia there will be consequences if Navalny dies. The Putin critic has been on hunger strike for weeks.

Fitbit Luxe announced: Release date, price, specs: Sarah Lord

Fitbit's new Luxe fitness tracker offers many of the company's best features but with a more stylish design.

Grammy winning producer Scott Storch says NFTs are the future of Music: Shoshy Ciment

"It's just a different way of releasing music. It's more intimate with the audience than just going the corporate route," Storch told Insider.

Peloton CEO fires back at US agency warnings against using treadmill: Grace Kay

The US consumer safety regulator began investigating the Peloton treadmill after 39 incidents, including one death, were linked to the machine.

Inside the secretive world of Wall Street quant recruiting: Alex Morrell

Systematic trading has taken over the markets. Insider spoke with two-dozen Wall Street recruiters who specialize in quant and data science professionals.

How a 23-year-old, 6-figure-earning marketing entrepreneur spends her day: Dominic-Madori Davis

Sherane Chen started off as a waitress, studied marketing in college, and spotted an opportunity to combine her areas of expertise.

The meditation app that's helped me sleep better: Julie Peck

People are sleeping worse than ever. One writer tried "Yoga Nidra for Sleep" on the Insight Timer app over a year ago and swears by its success.

Billionaire plans to spend $277 million to renovate $276 million London home: Katie Warren

Hong Kong real-estate investor Cheung Chung Kiu says the 42-room London mansion he bought in January 2020 is "heavily dilapidated."

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