Trump Claims He Directed His Admin To Start Biden'S Transition Process - Business Insider

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Apple head of security indicted on bribery charges - Business Insider: Katie Canales

Thomas Moyer is accused of offering officials in the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office iPads in exchange for concealed-carry weapons permits.

Trump claims he directed his admin to start Biden's transition process - Business Insider: Eliza Relman

Trump continued to insist that he will contest the election results and that he actually beat President-elect Joe Biden.

GSA provides Biden with resources to begin presidential transition - Business Insider: Charles Davis

Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, informed Biden in a letter that she had determined him to be the "apparent president-elect."

GM no longer backs Trump effort to bar California emissions rules - Business Insider: Reuters

In 2019, GM joined the Trump administration's bid to bar California from setting its own emissions rules for vehicles.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston is reportedly moving to Austin - Business Insider: Avery Hartmans

The pandemic has shifted how many tech companies value in-office work, leading many Bay Area residents to migrate to more affordable cities.

Biden will pick former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department - Business Insider: Joseph Zeballos-Roig

Yellen will be the first woman to ever hold the position. She'll be at the forefront of Biden's efforts to pull the US out of the coronavirus recession.

Mattis says Biden should eliminate Trump's 'America First' policies - Business Insider: Ryan Pickrell

"We hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate 'America first' from its contents," Mattis and three others wrote.

Travis Kalanick's NYC penthouse hosted large, mask-less party: Report - Business Insider: Avery Hartmans

In a story featured in The Cut, writer Cat Marnell said there were "tons of people there, and of course no one was wearing a mask."

How the Tucker Carlson backlash explains post-Trump GOP tensions - Business Insider: Jake Lahut

The kerfuffle demonstrated not only the loyalty of Trump supporters, but also the unique position Tucker Carlson finds himself in ahead of 2024.

Trump campaign lawyer in Wisconsin says he voted illegally - Business Insider: Jacob Shamsian

Jim Troupis asked the Dane County Board of Canvassers to invalidate all absentee ballots that were cast in person. He himself voted with that method.

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