United, Delta To Offer Europe Flights For Vaccinated Americans - [2021-04-19 Zq0Uuj]

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Language-learning app Duolingo has hired bankers for summer IPO: sources: Candy Cheng

Duolingo has hired Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co. for an initial public offering that could happen as soon as this summer, sources tell Insider.

Biden tells lawmakers he's "prepared to compromise" on infrastructure: Erin Snodgrass

Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with lawmakers in an effort to gain support for an infrastructure plan that Republicans rebuked.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale, who served with Jimmy Carter, dies at 93: Azmi Haroun

According to Axios, Mondale called Biden, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton on Sunday to let them know his death was near.

Wells Fargo pays analysts, associates in investment bank special bonus: Reed Alexander, Samantha Stokes

It's the latest Wall Street firm to up pay. Rob Engel, co-president of Wells Fargo Securities, told CIB analysts and associates about special bonuses on a Monday call.

United, Delta to offer Europe flights for vaccinated Americans: Dominick Reuter

Service begins in late May for Delta and early July for United as the European Union continues limiting international travelers.

YouTube has demonetized James Charles temporarily amid allegations that he sexted minors: Kat Tenbarge

YouTube confirmed to Insider that James Charles has been temporarily removed from its Partner Program which allows creators to profit from ads.

Watch a disgruntled Tesla owner jump on top of a car at the Shanghai auto show: Tim Levin

The woman yelled about Tesla cars having defective brakes before being dragged away by security, several news outlets reported.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg net worth and how he spends his wealth: Tanza Loudenback, Liz Knueven, Avery Hartmans

Only a handful of billionaires, including Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Tesla's Elon Musk, have fortunes worth over $100 billion.

I got a $215,000 job offer during the pandemic — and why I turned it down: Lily Anna Li

Lily Anna Li says hiring managers were particularly impressed by the work she had put into her side projects outside of a normal 9-5.

How YouTuber Aja Dang paid off nearly $200,000 of debt in 2 years: Katherine McLaughlin

Between credit cards, student loans, and a car loan, Aja Dang had accumulated six figures of debt. She had to get serious about paying it off.