Watch Rudy Giuliani'S Hair Dye Trickle Down His Face At Wild Presser - Business Insider

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Watch live: Rocket Lab to recover used Electron booster for first time - Business Insider: Dave Mosher

The 'Return to Sender' mission is a bid to recover expensive aerospace hardware, a move that could save Rocket Lab months and millions of dollars.

Biden says he will not pursue a national lockdown 'period' - Business Insider: Jake Lahut

"I am not gonna shut down the economy, period," President-elect Biden said Thursday. "I'm gonna shut down the virus ... No national shutdown."

Software engineer on rejecting a $167,006 Amazon job offer - Business Insider: Bill Murphy Jr.

Nastya Kholodova thought working for a big US tech giant was the best way to know she had "made it" as a developer, but ultimately decided against it.

Watch Rudy Giuliani's hair dye trickle down his face at wild presser - Business Insider: Sonam Sheth

Someone who was running the Trump campaign's feed of the presser was overheard saying, "You see f---ing Rudy's hair dye dripping down his face?"

Federal officials want to brief Biden's team but Trump won't let them - Business Insider: Robin Bravender

Career government employees fear agencies won't be ready for a new administration on Inauguration Day as President Donald Trump continues to delay a Biden transition.

Trump invites Michigan GOP officials to White House to try to overturn election - Business Insider: Eliza Relman

The meeting is another arm of Trump's chaotic effort to reverse the election results in key battleground states as his court cases fail.

Giuliani asks judge to ignore voters, declare Trump won PA - Business Insider: Jacob Shamsian

President Donald Trump lost Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes, but his legal team wants a judge to hand him the state's electoral votes anyway.

Here's what you need to know about Vivek Murthy, Biden's healthcare man - Business Insider: Kimberly Leonard

Vivek Murthy could be headed to Biden's Department of Health and Human Services. Here's what you need to know about the 43-year-old doctor.

Trump called Michigan official who wants to rescind vote to certify election - Business Insider: John Haltiwanger

"It was not pressure. It was genuine concern for my safety," Wayne County canvassing board member Monica Palmer said of the call.

The Supreme Court is running the clock on Trump's election lawsuits, experts say - Business Insider: Jacob Shamsian

The Supreme Court has shown little interest in taking up President Donald Trump's numerous legal challenges against the election results.

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