Will Rudy Giuliani Be Disbarred? Probably Not For Trump'S Election Lawsuits, Experts Say. - Business Insider

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Will Rudy Giuliani be disbarred? Probably not for Trump's election lawsuits, experts say. - Business Insider: Jacob Shamsian

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer still faces the risk of losing his law license because of his work in Ukraine, according to legal experts.


100+ Best Black Friday store sales of 2020 available now - Business Insider: Sarah Saril, Jen Gushue

We put together a list of over 100 store sales going on for Black Friday 2020, ranging from startups like Brooklinen to big-box retailers like Walmart.


Walmart stores are advantage vs. Amazon during online shopping surge - Business Insider: Avery Hartmans

With industry experts expecting massive shipping delays amid the pandemic, both Amazon and Walmart are urging in-person pick-up for online orders.


Biden calls for unity on Thanksgiving Eve, Trump spreads conspiracies - Business Insider: John Haltiwanger

"I know the country has grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember we're at a war with a virus — not with each other," Biden said.


Photos of packed US airports show how Americans are defying CDC guidance - Insider: Sophie-Claire Hoeller

Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving at the highest rate since March, with over 1 million getting on planes the day after the CDC's advisory.


Trump pardons former national security advisor Michael Flynn - Business Insider: Sonam Sheth

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and initially cooperated with prosecutors, but he's taken a more combative stance in recent months.


Salesforce buying Slack would intensify Microsoft rivalrly: Analysts - Business Insider: Paayal Zaveri

Salesforce and Slack have a very important thing in common: They're both fierce rivals with Microsoft and its suite of cloud apps.


Coronavirus vaccine trials don't regulate volunteer behavior, activity - Business Insider: Aria Bendix, Lauren Lee

Volunteers who suspected they had gotten the vaccine, rather than a placebo, may have been inclined to engage in riskier behavior.


DOJ looking to bring back firing squads, electrocutions for executions - Business Insider: Grace Panetta

ProPublica reports that the lame-duck administration is rushing to finalize this regulatory change, but it is unlikely to affect any executions.


How Biden's cybersecurity expert shielded the campaign from hackers - Business Insider: Aaron Holmes

Singh says that hackers can be much more than pranksters and cybercriminals, if they only own up to their responsibility and fix a toxic culture.

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