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I made my first quiche this weekend.

The recipe, found here, involves a LOT of butter.

It was delicious. I used a frozen crust from the grocery store, and I didn't have any mushrooms on hand, but otherwise I followed the recipe as is (I did use half and half for part of the milk).

The cheese on top was a shredded cheddar.

Treat yourself to some quiche!


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Your quiche is gorgeous! I came here to ask a few questions about Steempress, but I just had to say that first!

Several weeks ago, I floated the question of how to publish a LONG story on Steem -- I'm very active in the larger community of short stories on Steemit, but I am polishing some novel-length tales for publication -- my third book publication is right around the corner (and fourth and fifth and sixth soon to follow behind it)! I was advised to use Steempress as the best tool for book-to-blockchain publication, and I'd like your opinion on that idea!

P.S. My father is a vet also -- happy belated Father's Day to you, and thank you for your service!

Thanks! It was delicious too, although with the amount of butter I added it wasn't going to be too hard to taste good. 😁

As for using Steempress for book-to-blockchain (is that a term? Maybe you just coined it!), it seems like a good idea. You'd keep your chapters in your personal website, and cross post them to Steem for upvotes/exposure. Also, if you add links to your personal site in the comments section you'll get better Google links (I have an article somewhere where I described why).

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