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Found this little critter in my front yard. Not sure what it is...can anyone identify it?


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Southern alligator lizard, is my best guess.


Edit: very intriguing species and not poisonous, lol (thats what i was wondering).

Nice, this looks correct! Thank you!!!

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A little close for comfort! I for one have never seen a snake on the wild, they are rare here.

It's got legs! Not a snake...and I did zoom in, so it looks closer than I'm willing to get.

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Lol, that thing looks crazy! What area abouts?

Edit: S. Cal, im guessing.

Hey, @protegeaa.

Glad I didn't miss this completely. :)

I've scene some lizards with long tails, but this one is just plain ridiculous. :) It does look a lot like a snake, just by the shape of its head, and the coloring of its back, and it's total length. The legs looking like they're dirt colored or something does not help.

I bet it looked funky coming towards you, too. Was it moving pretty fast?

I take it that's the first one you've seen? I wonder if it's someone pet that got loose or something. :)

Hey Glen! Good to see you again.

So, the lizard is probably the Southern Alligator Lizard. It was a little less than a foot long, and was sitting still. We have a handful of these in our yard, but this one was just looking at my minivan when I was about to leave for an errand.

Not scary, but a little funky. Definitely not what I'm used to having grown up in the north. 😯

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Well, okay. It looks way longer from snout to tail than a foot long from the picture, but that might just be the angle.

I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like it, either. I was living in Orange County for a total of four and half years and didn't see anything resembling that, so that's why I wondered if it might be someone's pet run amok. :)

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