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Blood donation is the process of giving blood transfusion to an adult healthy person. This donated blood is fired or converted into medication through partiality.

Most blood donors in developed countries are voluntary donors, who donate blood from social responsibility. In such poor countries, the number of such voluntary blood donors is very low, most blood donors only donate blood to their loved ones. Most donors donate blood as a social work, but some people donate blood in exchange for money or any allowance for a professional donor. Again the blood donor can get blood for his future needs. Blood donation is relatively safe, but some blood donor falls in the place where the needles are inserted, and some people feel weak after blood donation.
Everything that can be risky for the use of blood donor blood is examined. These tests include the tests of blood circulating diseases (such as HIV and viral hepatitis). The donor is asked about his medical history and a brief physical examination is done to ensure that blood donation is not harmful to his body. How long a donor can donate blood depends on the law he gives, and on the law of the land in which blood donation is completed. But every four months, that is, after 120 days, new blood is made in the human body.

The quantity and methods of blood transfusion may vary, but usually 500 milliliters (or approximately 1 US pent) [1] take full blood. Most of the blood components used in the field are short-lived, and therefore there is always a problem to ensure uninterrupted supply.

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