ancient mosque

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This unique mosque is a relic of old time in the kingdom of Aceh, this mosque is located in a village in the North Sawang Aceh district, this mosque was built in a typical Aceh style.this mosque is estimated to have been built in the 18th century AD

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Wow beautiful mosque of aceh. The mosque is a house of Almighty Allah. I like to pray in the mosque. Thanks for sharing beautiful mosque.
Sahabat Salam.
Bless you.

Ok trimakaseh, kalau ada masa silakan dikunjungi disebelah kanan dari kruengmane menuju ke jalan sawang, aiman (54) tq

What a good reply in Indonesian language!!
Can you not write in english?

Ok you have thime come to my country unitet kingdom of aceh darussalam, where u from ? @aiman


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