Cannabis photoshoot #1 - My two favourite photos

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Hello fellow Steemians!

This is my first try setting up a shoot for bud; I wanted to see if I could take a few quality pictures with a homemade set up.

I'm actually quite pleased with how the photos turned out. I plan on posting more of the entire shoot later, but these are two of the photos I liked the most.

photo one

The Doctor - Sativa dominant

photo two

Black Widow - Sativa dominant

This is my first shoot on Steemit but I plan on posting a wide variety of original pictures in the future!

If you liked these pictures and want to see more in the future follow @theroachmedia


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Shit want to come join the @theplayersclub? Would love to help you earn more here and get to growing other small accounts like yours!

And I'd totally be down to blaze it with you.

So what's your favorite flower?

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Absolutely I'd like to join! Thanks so much for the offer. I plan on writing and taking pics of bud on my account regularly -- in between whatever else comes to mind. I'll definitely keep upvoting your posts too!

I really liked the way the Doctor smoked -- it was super smooth and tasted great, but the Black Widow got me higher so it wins.

I have lots on hand if you wanted to smoke one... Thanks again for reaching out!

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And yeah @theplayersclub is about me helping to blow up these new accounts and really get things moving.

Well maybe one day you can visit Oregon and we got tons of herb too!

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I really do appreciate it! I'll take all the help I can get. I plan on posting pretty frequently; even though I don't have much of a following right now.

I'll take you up on that if I ever make my way out there; Same goes to you if you're in Nova Scotia!

Well let's change that and make something people want to follow!

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That sounds great to me! There will definitely be new stuff coming from my account soon... I'm still feeling my way through Steemit if I'm going to be honest; It can get a tad overwhelming.

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Well that's why we are here and we have more people learning how to be players

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You should also share your Cannabis photography over on

Hey! Wery good knot.
I like it=)

Thanks a lot -- I'm hoping to post more pictures of different strains soon!

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Keep blazing! And posting!

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Doing both my friend! Actually working on something right now, should be done soon I hope lol

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