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Thanks to a new trail member @numberofthingz joining with 43,000 steempower on his account, the @backscratcher curation trail has now crossed 830,000 Steem Power! That’s the highest it’s ever been. He will be getting a 50% upvote once a day from 830,000 Steem Power. That’s a $5 upvote! If he wasn’t a follower of the trail he would only be able to upvote himself with $0.24. If you aren’t familiar with how it works, read more about it here @backscratcher

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The trail is the best hedge against this bear market, always has been and always will...

Yea. My earnings have been going up in steem this entire time.

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About to ham boosting up Steen power but first I had to create a little residual with wink I'm use those docs to power up. Finally got to 1 mill wink now I'm chasing 2

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Gods Unchained is a new competitive trading card game backed by Coinbase and led by the former Director of Magic the Gathering: Arena. The cards are real world tradable in an open economy, remember their stats and history, and you'll be able to play for keeps and earn valuable cards. Gods Unchained is free to play and currently in beta. You need to be invited to get in, but
if you're interested in trying it you're welcome to use my beta key! https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=VRySkSoMeF


if you're interested in trying it you're welcome to use my beta key! https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=VRySkSoMeF

The Genesis Raffle – Win a Mythic!

Gods Unchained discord: https://discord.gg/REdHBV

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Will the trail be more profitable with HF21 or same? @trevonjb

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