Fisherman's boat Italy

in #partikolast year (edited)

My friend really like fisherman's boat...i normally ignore them, but they really are part of panorama sometimes...

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Please start posting again so I can destroy your account with downvotes.

Lol i see there Is a downvote from me but i didnt make it, maybe a delegate...this Is not an hater platform anyway so nove your hate to Facebook or Instagram please :)

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What are you talking about? Your account started the hate, not me. You flagged my original content dude. Is it so hard to grasp? Next time refrain from following retards like @camillesteemer. They harm the platform and its reputation.

Ok i understood what happened i ll remove all the DOWNVOTES this damn platform put on behalf of me but It ll take time, Sorry for the INCONVENIENCE ....
Anyway i really did not like your reaction....i opened your post For the first time this morning and i see you want ti change the world ....but you wont change anything with that bad habit .....

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I don't care if you like my reaction. That's what you get for downvoting my work. I put time and effort into my work.

Alright, I will remove all my flags as promised. But please don't ever flag my original content again. I work hard for my content.

For what reason did you downvote on the @photofeed account?

Damn i didnt do It! You are the second One that Tells me that i downvoted someone but i didnt even open my account ...i Need to check what Is happening Sorry

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No worries :D

I m removing the downvote , please be patient ;)

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Yeah It's not an issue for me - Just wanted to know what's behind it :D All good!

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