Karen Gosbee'S Book, My Perfect Nightmare, Shines A Light On Domestic Abuse, Power And Wealth

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Air Canada slashes Transat buyout price by nearly 75% as COVID-19 hits traffic - Financial Post: Reuters

  1. Air Canada slashes Transat buyout price by nearly 75% as COVID-19 hits traffic Financial Post
  2. Air Canada Will Acquire Transat For Much Cheaper Under Updated Deal HuffPost Canada
  3. What Does Air Canada’s (TSX:AC) Renewed Offer to Bu…

    Excerpt: A Perfect Nightmare: A harrowing tale of business, depression and violence: Special to Financial Post

    Karen Gosbee had it all: a successful husband, three beautiful children, the homes, the cars, the jewelry, the A-list invitations. Her life looked perfect, but behind the scenes it was anything but. In this excerpt from her new book, The Perfect Nightmare: My…

    Karen Gosbee's book, My Perfect Nightmare, shines a light on domestic abuse, power and wealth: Geoffrey Morgan

    CALGARY – Karen Gosbee’s decision to write a book about her tumultuous marriage to late Calgary financier George Gosbee was neither cathartic nor therapeutic. Instead, she said, it was highly triggering.

    The book, My Perfect Nightmare: My Glitteri…

    Second wave of layoffs looms as COVID cases climb, straining hard-hit industries: Geoff Zochodne

    It took only hours for September’s sparkling job numbers to become yesterday’s news.

    Statistics Canada


    Friday morning that employment had jumped by a greater-than-expected 378,000 positions last month. The jobless …

    Restaurant owners having 'panic attacks' as Ontario implements new restrictions on indoor dining: Financial Post Staff

    How deep is too deep when adding debt to keep operating became all the more pressing for restaurants and other businesses in Toronto, Ottawa and Peel region on Friday as the Ontario government announced a set of new restrictions to tamp down a massive surge o…

    Supreme Court rules employees entitled to bonuses during reasonable notice periods even after losing their jobs: Victor Ferreira

    In what’s being described as a landmark ruling for employment law, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that employees are still entitled to bonuses paid during their reasonable notice periods after they have lost their jobs.

    The Supreme Court made t…

    Why U.S. election results are trivial compared to these factors that will drive your portfolio returns: Tom Bradley

    I really don’t want to write about the U.S. election, but I feel I must. It comes up in almost every client meeting. Why the reluctance? Well, there’s no other way to put it — the U.S. election is seriously overhyped when it comes to investing. It doesn’t cra…

    Teacher and single mother can retire at 55 with room to spare, if she plays her cards right: Andrew Allentuck

    A woman we’ll call Brooke, 46, lives in Ontario with her son, Carl, who is 13. A school teacher, each month she earns $7,724 from her job before tax, $600 from doing tutoring privately and $1,200 from renting a room in her home. That’s $9,524 per month or $11…

    Pandemic bringing a surge of young entrepreneurs as traditional jobs become less reliable, group finds: Colin McClelland

    A non-profit entrepreneurial booster backed by the Royal Bank of Canada is seeking young entrants across the country for a series of new $10,000 awards as the pandemic pushes more people to start their own businesses.

    Futurpreneur Canada aims to h…

    Walmart Canada is hiring 10,000 new workers immediately in e-commerce retail boom: Financial Post Staff

    Walmart Canada announced Friday that it will hire 10,000 new “associates” immediately as it expands its Canadian operations and e-commerce network.

    Beyond cashiers, greeters and store workers, the retail giant needs to hire e-commerce workers to m…

    This millennial is afraid of an election market meltdown — but will it cost more than sitting on the sidelines?: Victor Ferreira

    A 33-year-old teacher we’ll call David is trapped in a paradox that Bart Simpson would empathize with: You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

    David is heading into his second year of working as a teacher in an Inuit village in Nun…

    Canada gains 378,200 jobs, blowing past expectations: Reuters

    Canada added 378,200 jobs in September, most of them full-time, and the unemployment rate fell to 9 per cent as the economy continued to reopen from coronavirus shutdowns, Statistics Canada said on Friday.

    Analysts in a Reuters poll had predicted …

    'Let's do it': How these entrepreneurs braved the pandemic to open new businesses: Denise Deveau

    Silvina Etchegoyen saw a golden opportunity to open a new enterprise in Toronto even as businesses were shutting down across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The co-owner of Sientate, a touchless massage chair service, was a self-employed…

    If you work primarily from home, your trips to the office could be tax deductible: Jamie Golombek

    While some of us continue to work from home during COVID-19, others don’t have that flexibility and commute daily to and from the office. While in the past, many may have taken public transit to get to work, since the pandemic hit, the fear of taking mass tra…

    Investors skittish on lumber companies despite record prices: Gabriel Friedman

    When it comes to investing in Canada’s timber and lumber sector, it sometimes can be hard to tell the forest from the trees.

    Today, lumber prices are soaring, having peaked in early September at nearly US$955 per thousand board feet, a record high…

    Howard Levitt: Why the independent contractor status of doctors leave them vulnerable in the workplace: Howard Levitt

    The pandemic has shone a light on many aspects of society, but nowhere more brightly than on our healthcare system.

    Exposing both its frailties and resilience, COVID-19 has made it clear that the strength of our hospitals lies with our frontline s…

    Holiday season to add to Canadians' financial stress: Larysa Harapyn

    Personal finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the challenges of budgeting for the holiday season, when many people are already financially stretched from the pandemic.

    • Expecting a pay raise…

      Bank of Canada keeps door open to possibility of negative rates - Financial Post: Bloomberg News

      1. Bank of Canada keeps door open to possibility of negative rates Financial Post
      2. Path to economic recovery filled with risks: Macklem BNN
      3. Macklem Defends Bank of Canada Policy But Warns of Risks Bloomberg
      4. Bank of Canada …

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