U.S. Government Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google - Financial Post

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David Rosenberg: Why the Fed's moves matter more to Canada than those of our own central bank: David Rosenberg

Canada has far outdone the average country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development when it comes to both the fiscal and monetary policy measures to combat the economic pain from COVID-19. It goes without saying that fiscal policy, with …

The retirement downsizing myth: No, seniors aren't moving in droves — and that will affect the housing market: Jason Heath

Retirement community developers, for-profit retirement homes, and aspiring young homebuyers are all counting on aging seniors to downsize their homes. While some seniors will move to a smaller home, what if they do not downsize to the degree expected?

U.S. government files antitrust lawsuit against Google - Financial Post: Reuters

  1. U.S. government files antitrust lawsuit against Google Financial Post
  2. U.S. Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Google CBC.ca
  3. Google accused of abusing monopoly power in landmark US case BNN
  4. Google search…

    Changes to wage subsidy catch struggling restaurateurs off guard, advocates say: Financial Post Staff

    A change to the federal wage subsidy program has led to confusion among the hardest-hit sectors in Canada, surprising some business owners with added payroll costs that may force major layoffs, industry advocates say.

    After overhauling the Canada …

    Silver linings and lessons learned when the pandemic sent us home to work: Denise Deveau

    Yishay Waxman had to completely rethink his hands-on approach to running Thriver Technologies Inc., a Toronto-based food and culture platform for businesses, when the March shutdown was announced.

    The co-founder and president said the company in M…

    'Hard to maintain hope' as restaurants brace for lockdown 2.0: Larysa Harapyn

    David Lefebvre, vice president, federal and Quebec at Restaurants Canada, speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the challenges bars and restaurants will face as new restrictions for the COVID-19 second wave begin to kick in.


      Boost your brain productivity with this scientifically-backed app - Calgary Sun: StackCommerce

      1. Boost your brain productivity with this scientifically-backed app Calgary Sun
      2. This $50 app will keep your mind sharp Engadget
      3. Improve Your Cognitive Health with This Brain-Training App Entrepreneur
      4. View Full coverage o…

        Calfrac shareholders vote with management, spurn Wilks Brothers: Geoffrey Morgan

        CALGARY – Calfrac Well Services Ltd. shareholders on Friday spurned a takeover offer from Texas-based Wilks Brothers LLC at a contentious meeting where the sparring sides put forward two different plans for the heavily indebted fracking company.


        Howard Levitt: Arguing a case at Canada's top court is an intense and rewarding experience: Howard Levitt

        Since Friday, when the Supreme Court of Canada

        released a decision

        involving a case that I argued, many friends and colleagues have asked me what it is like to appear before our country’s top court.

        There are not many cases …

        The problem with Canada's monetary policy regime: Kevin Carmichael

        Canada’s monetary policy regime works fine, by most accounts, but it’s not as credible as it could be. For example, in 2016, Stephen Poloz’s Bank of Canada and Bill Morneau’s Finance Department, after very little public discussion, decided to re-up the existi…

        Five 'mind tricks' investors can use to fine tune their portfolios: Peter Hodson

        A very large part of investing is psychological: fighting fear, fighting greed, doing nothing when everyone else is transacting, accepting your shortcomings and admitting mistakes, it all comes with the territory of the markets.

        Over the years, we…

        Two jobs plus income from three rental units still not enough to secure Ontario woman's retirement: Andrew Allentuck

        A woman we’ll call Vivian, 40, lives in southern Ontario with her 19-year-old daughter, a university student. Vivian has two jobs — one as a civil servant with a $104,000 annual pre-tax income, the other in real estate sales, where she earns $20,000 before t…

        Here's everything you need to know about the CRB — including how it will affect your taxes: Jamie Golombek

        Earlier this week, the government began accepting applications for its newest program, the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) for self-employed workers and workers not eligible for Employment Insurance. This is in addition to the other two new benefits, the Canada…

        Quebec company taps maple syrup technology to clean water — and it's winning global recognition: Special to Financial Post

        A Quebec City company that reached back centuries for the inspiration for its space-age water cleaning technology has won a global industry award as it expands rapidly despite the pandemic.

        H2O Innovation Inc. last week beat out a trio of other fi…

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