Why I don't like the apartment party?

in #party4 years ago

Ancestors went to the cottage. And I'm again alone at home. For the second day.

Nora's best friend called and offered to hang out.

I have a home. The Mink can not-relatives at home.

Friend even people can already start to invite. Without my permission. Even knowing what will happen Mitka, I have given exemption. And here the answer came: you're so bad has already been awkward to refuse...

I don't care - I remember only too well what the outcome of the last party.

Broken glass in the kitchen door, a bunch of cigarette butts in the most inappropriate places and the removal of the brain from the ancestors. I need it? Norka offended, has challenged the up. Mitka wrote motsepe, he is disappointed. Sit and cry all the time.

But once again running into a showdown as something not very desirable. Here I am, stupid?((((


и это тоже утащу



дома самое лучшее пати

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