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Keep your STAKE - Sell your Revenues

We pay our delegators up to 10 times per day - this is extra coins that you can freely sell for Bitcoin, or power up to strengthen your account further.

what you hold in SteemPower generates new STEEM tokens every block, this happens automatically and nobody can opt out of it. This is called "Staking" and in STEEM the "Staking" generates about 9% extra tokens in a year, so if you bought 100,000 STEEM and Powered it up, you will have 109,000 STEEMPOWER in about a year.

When you also delegate to @Booster, you earn about 11% extra on your stake, so at the end of the year you have made 20,000 extra STEEM, and in about 5 Years you have made about the same as you have purchased and at 1:1 you have doubled your money, sold off your RISK and kept the SteemPower you originally purchased for long term gains.

After setting up http://Booster.ink it has been extremely easy to follow bids, current round, last round, and what delegators make in STEEM.

Between 3AM-9AM New York TIME we have seen some real lucky users getting some insane returns on their investment. Not only do they get their post to trending, but they also get their marketing money back + free money.

Of course not every round is as profitable as for example last round, but imagine if you also sell products in your post which is not only trending on steemit.com, but also on google.com - so it is completely impossible to calculate what a vote is really worth.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 8.11.49 AM.png

To simplify things we convert everything to STEEM, since STEEM is the controlling token in the STEEM ecosystem, not the US Dollar as displayed on steemit.com.

In each round, @Booster will upvote with the same power no matter if it is 3 people, 300 or only 1 person.

Booster has ALWAYS minimum 1 Million SteemPower for UPVOTES!

Remember that our owner company has purchased, hold in SteemPower and delegate to us on a long term basis which provides stability for all our users, and a 24/7 invitation to join for both Post Promoters and Investors who want to park their SteemPower with a service like @Booster and earn passive income.

Time To ROI is about 5 Years at 1:1, but if the price of STEEM is higher, Time to ROI is much faster!

In other words, if you put $1000 into SteemPower and do what we suggest, you should have passivly made an additional $1000 within 5 years if the price remains the same. If the price is lower then your purchase price - Time to ROI is longer. If however, the price of STEEM goes UP over time, then of course TIME TO ROI gets a lot SHORTER!

Time To ROI has been as low as 8 weeks

at @Booster we have seen some miracles when a delegator purchased STEEM at 7 Cents and in 3 weeks the price went up to 8 dollars, each day generating $1600 worth of STEEM/SBD. We are not saying this is going to happen again - but it should always be at the back of our mind that STEEM today might be worth less than what STEEM will be valued at later, so be smart with your money.

at http://booster.ink you can delegate and/or promote your post using SteemConnect

In about 14 days STEEM will have become 3 Years old. During that time we have seen incredible volatility in price discovery. The Bull-Side argue that a STEEM token should cost at least $100 and up, while the Bear-Side argue that STEEM should die, yesterday.

What is hard to ignore is the growing amounts in accounts. We have given away hundreds of accounts to verified people from our account, and we see that a lot of new accounts come from many different account creators.

Almost 1.3 Million accounts, through word of mouth, that is pretty incredible. And from experience we know that when STEEM is trading at $4.50 (first All Time High) or at $8 (Second All Time High) - the activity level among bloggers increases 1000X and always test the limits of what STEEM the blockchain can handle.


Great points there!
I love seeing steem bot creators posting good contents.
I hope many will follow and share there brilliant ideas as well.

I wish you all the best!

@booster Team, These are really sounding and effective calculations and when we see this kind of analysis and numbers then it tells that we are thriving on Super Productive Ecosystem. Stay blessed team.

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Good to hear we satisfy, @chireerocks. We set a high standard for this bot as it is meant to always be running and be at peoples service. Accuracy is good for everyone and a high level of transparency allows for due dilligence.

Keep up your Service team and hope that Booster will going to reach more users with their effective service. Have a great time ahead team.

I think it would definitely be faster since the value of Steem most likely will grow.

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@snubbermike I feel this is right up your alley. I am super new at getting back to writing and I think this would be something you understand and could thrive with

It's true - you can earn great ROI from services like these.

I encourage everyone to explore this opportunity further and especially if you are a content creator yourself!

Investing and promoting your content is a great way to earn more reputation and develop a future audience for the more content you plan to create.

So it's a win/win!

You are the best @booster. I have felt a great advantage from your bot. good job.!!!

Thank you for using @Booster, We are glad you have success with our service!

Hey @booster,
because of your post I tried this great service and i must say, it is f***ing incredible awesome!!!
Thanks a lot 👍👍👍


We've sent a total bid of 50 STEEM but only receive a 40% vote that worth around 11$ in this post. We believe the other bid was ignored. Please fix it.

Did you pay for 2 votes on the same post? It’s pretty hard for one account to vote twice on a single post. And by pretty hard I mean impossible.

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Yes we did. Wasn't sure if the bid was placed back then. Should it be refunded in this case?

Not sure mate. That’s not my call to make.

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Hello @booster , I need some support...few days ago, I sent 0.5 STEEM and there was no reaction. Did I something wrong? Was the amount too low?

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-17 um 08.55.07.png

Thanks in advance!

I like your post and photo.

I love how you copy/paste the same 20 sentences over and over again, is like you are not even trying, dude.

Wow... $TEEM coming up on 3 years!!!

(raises glass)



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This post has received a 99.7 % upvote from @boomerang.

Thank you, @boomerang. Another great service.

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Hi, @booster,

I have sent 1 SBD, but you didn't upvote me. Is there any problem?

be faster since the value of Steem most likely will grow.I love seeing steem
bot creators posting good contents. @booster good job.!!!

Отличные моменты! Я люблю видеть steem создатели бота проводки хорошее содержание. Я надеюсь, что многие последуют и поделятся там блестящими идеями. Желаю вам всего наилучшего!

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I am very supportive of the @booster team in developing steem, high steem prices will certainly be very good for our work

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Very good contribution

wonder what's gonna be the next high for steem

🚀 🌕

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That was really a good explanation and i am really convinced by the post and as of now i have delegated almost all of my SP but very soon gona add sone more SP and then will consider delegating you guys.

Even i have profited a lot using the booster bot services sometimes my ROI went to as high as 70%+ and that was insane. Thanks for that.

Lastly even i have started bringing more and more people on this platform and the best they are doing is helping to promote the dapps as we really need to have a mass adoption.

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For dapp-developers, buying trending is cheap marketing - you get a lot for a little.

hi @booster good luck nice thoughts

Really good work! Top

i m new in this field but it s full of opportunity ........ it's incredible the Steem Power..... °#DreaminCripto

What do you mean by staking? The reward we get for keeping our STEEM powered up? Isn't that supposed to be around 2.5%? 9% sounds too much.

They added the estimated earnings from curation. The 9% versus 20% is basically the difference between someone having Steem Powered up and upvoting others, versus those who delegate to Booster or similar services.

Not everyone curates though.

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Bereh that gaya nyan @booster

Looks like I will be throwing some delegation your way when I get ready to send out more SP!

Wowww amazing...
Follow me guys

Hi, I sent 0.500 SBD from my account @toninoxp to booster, the record was shown in Current Round, now it does not appear in Last Round and I did not get the service. Steem connect Transaction id: e7993ee98ade2b492059dc76c6c932a92d12287f

Nice post. I wish for the continous growth of booster. And steemit is going to high places. The future is really bright. This i am sure of

How to buy steem I don't know yet I want my steep power big

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SteemPower Este sitio Web es lo máximo

I need clarification on something here. Let's assume i send 5SBD now, is it just for the post or i will still be upvoted the next time i post without sending?

Nice explanation ....thst's why writing on steem is very much attractive to earn coin. I am new to steem but your post has inspired me a lot. Thanks and waiting from you more posts .

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Your bot malfunctioned. I was just on Steembottracker and there was an hour and 15 minutes left to bid with only two small bids on it but when I sent in my 2 Steem bid booster instantly upvoted me at 1.42% or 0.8 Steem.

Please fix the error, thanks.



Same issue here.
I sent 35 STEEM and booster upvoted me 18.72% with $5.29 (STU)

Please fix this error, thank you @booster.

Post link :

TXid :

Did you get made whole ?

Comment removed. Problem with upvote not received has been solved.

Thank you

Hello dear @booster,

I just sent you 25.19 (24.89 at arrival) steem a few minutes ago through blocktrades, I forgot to add the link to the article in the memo :
Please count the 24.89 Steem as a bid for this article.
Thanks alot !

I just saw that it was the second time that I had sent you funds for that post (https://steemit.com/photography/@anotherfreeman/the-road-to-freedom-sights-from-the-world)
If you have the possibility to upvote with another account for the 24.89 worth of Steem, please procede with it otherwise please refund the Steem to @anotherfeeman
Thanks alot !

The calculations look pretty impressive but not sure with so much volatility in this space it can exactly go in this manner.