Booster is now paying delegators up to 10 X per day!

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As part of making Booster great, here is some good news for our and future delegators, @booster is now paying out after each round or about 10 times per day.


How do I become a part of it?

  • Download The Vessel Wallet from Github (to do more advanced economic stuff)
  • Delegate to @booster the amount of SteemPower you want to earn ROI on. For example: 1000| 2500 | 5000 | 10000 | 20000 | 50000
  • Watch STEEM & SBD fill up your wallet, every day ten times a day.
  • That is it - you will now earn passive income by letting your tokens work for you! Welcome to @Booster - The First & Original BidBot on the STEEM Blockchain!

Aditional information:

@Booster is going through a cleanup and optimising process. If Code is law then we must have good code, failsafe, subroutines, the whole shebang. This is important to ensure quality in what we deliver, so expect good things to come to Booster in 2019.


When will you send my refund? i still wait for 1 week

@booster and @fyrstikken

I don't understand. why don't you send people's refunded ? Everyone wait you to send their refunded.

Thanks for the info. I will read

Looking forward to seeing your plans in 2019.

@fyrstikken & @booster, Keep up and for sure it's an pleasant news for the Delegators. Wishing more growth and stay blessed. 🙂

Wow. Great to hear this. Continues to move

Good offer, but unfortunately my steem power not enought yet

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If not coming to vote, please send 10 Steem me as well.

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I delegated some SP to @booster
Over the last 2 dayt, there were literally negligible payouts
Could someone please explain?

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