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It's ALIVE! We fixed everything that was broken, refunded our customers and got back on track again to deliver high-quality upvotes to everyone who want or need!


Do you want to EARN passive income too? - Join us!

All you need to do is to use one of the three options below in order to delegate SteemPower to @booster and our autonomous system will make sure to pay you out accordingly and transparent.

How to make my POST/COMMENT trend?

Send 1+ STEEM or SBD to @booster with the URL to your article as MEMO-text. (See my Wallet for examples). To trend in the highest positions, you need to use @Booster +++ other bots in addition because the BidBot industry is decentralized.

What is a @Booster upvote worth today?

Right now a vote is worth 62 STEEM or 22 SBD You can monitor out UpVote value/capacity by going to or!

If something goes wrong 4AM, who do I contact?

You can contact @inertia (operator) or @fyrstikken (owner) over at 24/7 all year! We are thousands of Steemians there and experienced Booster Customers & Delegators who also can answer questions and calm you down if you are stressed ;)

Everything is going to be alright in the COMMONWEALTH of STEEM!

Remember to always check my wallet to know how much or how little you should bid in the auctuinisiiiiThank you both Delegators & Customers!

Team @Booster
The Original BidBot & Team!


Great to see @booster back in action, though your total bid value is broken. Sent 5 steem 15 mins ago and it's still stuck on $1.48 @inertia, @fyrstikken

Also timer stuck at 16 mins

If it's not fixed then I see no reason to use the service, otherwise how can I know if I'm just paying for a upvote that will be worthless and lose money

It say ROI is capped at -100% - I assume that's a mistake?
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.38.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.43.32 PM.png

when it comes to the SteemBotTracker website - most everything is wrong about it. is a much better resource to do some quick math.

Hey @booster, @inertia, or @fyrstikken, I sent 1 SBD for this post and received an upvote worth $0.35. What's up with that?

You weren't paying attention, that's what's up.

Thanks for your response. Something is messed up for sure with Steem Bot Tracker. I just went back to check again and now the max ROI is showing -100%, which you don't even have to be paying attention to realize is not awesome.

I'm not sure that's the case. I think Steembottracker isn't updating bids which means people are piling on bids above the suggested amount

Thanks for pointing that out @dan-atstarlite. I think you are correct.

Well, pro-tip. On Steem Bot Tracker, if you open round details and all of the bids are from two weeks ago, bids aren't updating. Nobody should blindly use these tools.

Customer service tip. Try to help people instead of making them feel stupid lol

Also I don't see any times/dates posted in round details, are you suggesting that a pro should audit past transaction before every use? And if it was obvious that steem bot tracker wasn't updating, why would this post point customers there without mentioning anything? (these questions are rhetorical)

Well, today we launched - our own bottracker which should be extremely accurate in "guessing the future" and showing the results of last round among other things. Give it a spin please.

I’ll check it out.

Thanks @inertia :)

I think the software is faulty. you didn't vote for the fee I sent yesterday. 3 steem return horse @booster

Hey @inertia, @fyrstikken
I sent 3 steem but no up vote for this post >
please refund my money

I’ll take a look.

thank you

You got a 20.13% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @kabasakal!

You got a 13.37% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @kabasakal! Make sure to use tag #redlambo to be considered for the curation post!

You got a 0.61% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @kabasakal!

You got a 20.00% upvote from @whalecreator courtesy of @kabasakal! Delegate your Steem Power to earn 100% payouts.

This post has received a $100.00 % upvote from @siditech thanks to: @kabasakal.
Here's a banana! banana-small.png

You got a 31.28% upvote from @mitsuko courtesy of @kabasakal!

You got a 74.23% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @kabasakal! Make sure to use tag #redlambo to be considered for the curation post!

You got a 18.18% upvote from @whalecreator courtesy of @kabasakal! Delegate your Steem Power to earn 100% payouts.

I didn't undelegate because I figured it would just be more trouble to undelegate and then re-delegate when the problems were fixed. Has booster started paying out again already? Because I have not seen a notice that this has happened even though I have 1000 steem delegated to @booster .

Yes, should be raining on your wallet quite often now.

Passive income?
Is there any APR etc?

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you can take a look at this account:
It delegates 10,000 SteemPower and there you can see all the liquid earnings that account gets. between 1000 - 2000 extra STEEM per year + 900 STEEM in inflated interest approx.

It is a great way to HOLD Steem, getting dividends every day so you have something to sell when/if the price of STEEM or SBD should take another moon-trip.

@booster Team, Great to see that Booster recovered too quickly. Stay blessed team.

Thank you - check out our new website at (easy to remember)

Welcome team, it's Bookmarked. Enjoy the journey team.

Looking to see if I should delegate some SP your way. I'm curious, but what makes @booster different from similar services. Are the payouts larger? Thanks.

yes sure you are really a trusted team be blessed
love you all team Booster
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