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Great News Everyone: During the next few days, delegations will come back to @Booster as we have finally refunded the majority that was affected by the mess done by our previous administration and we are now ready to take on Delegation, Sell Upvotes & Share with our delegators a sustainable 97.5% of all liquid vote-earnings -Better than ever before! Join us!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 6.54.41 AM.png

Passive Income - How to make steem and sbd tokens by delegating SteemPower to @Booster?

We have here are a few options on what apps you can use in order to delegate SteemPower to @Booster. Personal preference is the Vessel Wallet which gives you a superb overview of your accounts, delegation, vesting, exchanges, and power downs.

How to make my POST/COMMENT trend?

Send 1+ STEEM or SBD to @booster with the URL to your article as MEMO-text. (See my Wallet for examples). To trend in the highest positions, you need to use @Booster +++ other bots in addition because the BidBot industry is decentralized.

What is a @Booster upvote worth today?

Right now a vote is worth $0.71 because we have no delegation - but now that @Booster is fixed, we will have over 1 Million SteemPower in a day or two as out partners come back one after another. You can monitor out UpVote capacity by going to or!

If something goes wrong 4AM, who do I contact?

You can contact @inertia (operator) or @fyrstikken (owner) over at 24/7 all year! We are thousands of Steemians there and experienced Booster Customers & Delegators who also can answer questions and calm you down if you are stressed ;)

Everything is going to be alright in the COMMONWEALTH of STEEM!

Remember to always check my wallet to know how much or how little you should bid in the auctuinisiiiiThank you both Delegators & Customers!

Team @Booster
The Original BidBot & Team!


Hello, and Welcome back.
Can you provide a break down of return for each $1 Delegated?
Thank you.

10,000 STEEM should yield you between 900 - 1300 extra STEEM/SBD from Booster in a year. You will also receive about 940 STEEM also - for staking your STEEM in SteemPower, so say 10,000 STEEM will yield you about 2000-2200 STEEM in one year.

Of course, we also have days with many customers and high bidders, Jackpot days - and we have days when people are depressed and spend fewer tokens for upvoting, specially in a down trending bear market. I guess nobody want to show anyone their weakness.

But on average from DOLLAR to SteemPower I believe that the price of STEEM is so low now, that your Time to ROI will be significantly shorter and nicer. Remember we have $8 All Time High, and befor that we had a $4.50 All time high - I believe the next All time high can be $15-$30 per STEEM token. Just have to buy in and hodl patiently. And it helps to have Booster liquid income every day.

10,000 SteemPower cost $3309 as I am concluding this reply

Thanks for that break-down of ROI.
I follow @haejin - We may see .12 cents Steem before $30
He does believe STEEM is going over $30 usd.

Good to have booster back and running!

your enthusiasm is awesome. I will be delegating 1 million SteemPower shortly, just waiting for 1 powerdown to decentralize a bit more. Having @inertia onboard has calmed down my heart a lot. It feels great - the original Booster team using the Original Booster code + upgrades.

my wanting is for Booster to be the best bot on the market, now for the first time in a long time I see the end of this dark tunnel.

wasn't expecting that refund to come back! lol thanks:)✌

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