My journey with Bitpetite so far

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Before you write this post off just take in mind I am not stating that this site is the best ever. I am only writing these post more or less as a way to document my investment in the investing program that Bitpetite offers to really test the waters and see if it works out. I don't want anyone investing on this program without doing your own reading and research and really understanding the risk that sites like this carry with them, to state one of the most common bits of knowledge in crypto - Don't risk anymore than you could afford to lose.

I started on Bitpetite on 9/21/17 with an initial investment of .1 eth as a test amount as I didn't want to throw money at this without testing it first. I reached the minimum amount to invest after 11 days which is .035 eth. I took that amount and reinvested that back in and added a little more to it to total .05 eth on 10/2/17. Yesterday I reached a level where I was able to reinvest with the amount being paid out after 7 days. I reinvested in with .035 this time and so far am earning pretty good dividends for the amounts invested. My plan is to hopefully recoup my initial investment soon as well as hopefully add some to the amount just for kicks. All of the investments I have made have all been 6 week terms with eth to eth payouts.

Thank you everyone who may glance at this while scrolling through steemit and takes the time to read this post.
If you decide this is something you might want to try I suggest you go to the site and check it out for yourself. Click investor at the top of the page.


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