Turning .11 Ethereum into 1 Ethereum

For the past 11 days I have been investing in Bitpetite. I started with a small amount to test it out and verify it pays out, my initial investment was for .1 ethereum or the 28 usd at exchange rate. After 11 days I made my first withdrawal of .035 eth and re-invested that plus another .015 for a total reinvestment of .05 eth for 6 weeks. Based on the returns I have been receiving I plan to see if I can turn my .11 total eth I originally had in this small wallet to turn it into 1 Ethereum and see how long it takes to do it. So far Bitpetite has been paying out great interest payments on a set schedule so I will update everyone when I receive enough for the next reinvestment point. Hopefully with the two deposits paying out I will reduce my reinvestment time by a couple of days. It is very similar to Bitconnect however it is nice that I don't have to purchase another token/coin and the minimum investment level is around 10 usd (0.035 eth, 0.25 ltc, 0.005 btc) it makes investment and re-investments easier for small time investors to play around with some coin.

Also for those of you interested in how Bitpetite is to deal with they are great so far, I had a couple of question I wanted clarified in the beginning and they had a live chat option where I was able to get my answers then instead of waiting several days for an email.

If you are interested in joining or checking it out you can follow the link and click on the investor tab at the top of the page.
goo.gl/dDgWv1 Referral link
https://bitpetite.com/ non-referral link


I can't tell how many sites (hyip) like this promised a high rate, delivered for a while (in one case over 1 year), then vanished. If you put any coin on such a site, I would advise you to use a small amount, withdraw all returns until your deposit is recovered. Then afterwards you are playing with the "house's" coin, so if you lose it, so what?

I was hesitant to put anything on here at first because of that. I have seen a bunch of these sites come and go and I'm hoping that Bitpetite sticks around for a little while. I'm hoping that since it charges users for the tumbler it also provides that it will be sustainable for a while. Plan on making my original investment back in a couple of weeks and then just investing that house money, hope I don't get duped but that's why I invested a small amount for now.

I started in btc in 2014. Had I accumulated btc instead of chancing a larger return from hyip sites, I would have a much bigger holding today.

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