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Rare digital arts are now the next big thing after physical rare arts.

Art creators are now steadily tapping into the opportunities that the rare digital art industry presents.

As the saying goes, the world has gone digital, whereby most of the daily transactions are done online.
Challenges with Rare Digital Art Trades

It would be better to highlight some of the existing challenges that art creators and rare art collectors are looking for a way to get over with.

It is the existence of those challenges that make it seem like the rare digital art market wouldn’t last for the next couple of years.

Here are those challenges and what they mean for the growing rare digital art industry:

Inappropriate Content
The fact the rare digital art creation and collection has been designed to function only too opens the market up for inappropriate content.

You would find out on in-depth researches that some rare artworks are either pornographic or they have offensive and illegal content.

Such artworks tend to create problems for the owner of the computer where they are stored because the person risks being prosecuted.

At the same time, the integrity of the online or digital channel through which the artwork is transmitted will be questioned.

Duplicate Content
It is very possible to duplicate rare digital artworks, especially by copying the digital files.

As I mentioned earlier, the Pastel Network will solve the array of industry problems plaguing the rare digital artwork market.

Some of the unique ways those issues would be addressed are:

Innovative Duplicate Detection Framework
The first thing the Pastel Network does is to develop a novel innovative duplicate detection framework that works alongside machine learning technology to accurately detect duplicate content and prevent the same from getting out of the network.

Established Baseline Level of Confidence
It is not out of place to mention that some rare artwork collectors are gradually losing interest in the digital art market.

They would soon prefer the physical rare artwork collection method that seems to be a better option than the digital variant.

When a system starts to lose the confidence of the participants, it wouldn’t be long before everybody would part ways.

The Pastel Network understands the grave danger this would mean for the integrity of the rare digital artwork market. So, it is taking conscious steps to prevent that from happening.

The major step to doing that is by using the pre-trained TensorFlow model sourced from Yahoo’s OpenNSFW project.

The idea behind this is to curtail the proliferation of duplicated digital files of rare artworks.
As a form of censorship, the pre-trained TensorFlow model would be used to evaluate every submitted digital file from a rating of 0 and 1.

Therefore, you rest assured that a majority of the digital artwork files uploaded on the Pastel Network platform are legal and genuine.


The Pastel Network is by the approaches it is taking, restoring confidence in the rare digital artwork market.

Website: https://www.pastel.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/PastelNetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PastelNetwork
Medium : https://medium.com/pastelnetwork

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