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I wasn't going to blog unless something significant happened.

Well, my beloved Synthesis Hardcore Witch, DoNotDieLinny did the expected....she died!!!

So what did I do now that my Hardcore Witch is dead?!

Well, it is Path of Exile dress up time!

That's where I dress my characters up in gear I would like to wear, but don't because they are useless besides looking good. The above image is actually her Softcore sister, CrankyOldWoman_Synth. I wanted an image of this League's main star, Cavas, The Forgotten Spirit. We're meant to help him remember his memories. Since my Hardcore Witch got moved over to the Standard League on death, Cavas does not exist in her Standard League heaven. :(

But below is DoNotDieLinny, my HC Witch's final stats and a pic of her donning the new wings. She earned the right, poor gal. She died at Level 65 in the Act 8 final boss arena. She was up against a pair of sisters, Solaris and Lunaris. I was too tentative, I freaked out that a prophecy changed the conditions of the fight too. All up, I failed due to panic.


So where did these pretty wings come from?

I've decided to start a tradition that with every significant Hardcore death or major victory, I will reward myself with a mystery box purchase. These are naughty addictive little boxes that give you a random microtransaction item (MTX) that are paid enhancements to the game. They are themed, and with Synthesis, came the Glimmerwood collection that is quite quirky and colorful. I've bought 5 to date (2 from the Fairgraves collection & 3 from Glimmerwood) and only when I deserved a treat. My understanding is that a bit like gambling, some people go overboard with them, determined to get all the nice items of the collection.


Well, I lucked out! I'm pleased that in reaching a much desired goal I had set myself this League, which was to get the first of Hardcore levelling achievements (reaching level 60), I was rewarded with one of the best items of the collection! So I am a happy customer. And for how tense it has been playing Hardcore, I am super happy the RNG gods rewarded me. hehe

My Hardcore key progression milestones

Please note, I started a noob to gaming and ARPG almost 3 months ago, so still learning.

Betrayal: Level 22 - First practice run
Synthesis: Level 21 - @mattclarke's 24hr SSF HC race
Synthesis: Level 31 - @mattclarke's 24hr SSF HC race
Synthesis: Level 38 - @mattclarke's 24hr SSF HC race
Synthesis: Level 65 - Survivor Achievement! (Reaching level 60 in Hardcore)

Really hoping the direction keeps moving upward.

For this run, I used my Softcore Witch as my boss scout. So she deserved the wings too for all the abuse she suffered just because I know she can be revived. I've often raced her through zones and into an unfortunate death from a wall of mobs, just so I can get to the arena quicker for another crack at the boss. I decided I needed an advantage to make up for the lack of experience. I used her to learn about the mechanics and to test strategies. I deliberately kept her weak and underpowered so I can spend more time watching and practicing against each boss. To understand what hurts me and what I can wear. It's been a lot of fun and sometimes quite stressful.

The boss who troubled me most until my death was Act 5's mid-boss, Innocence. A friend had already warned me it would be a rough fight. Here was where I really learnt to stay calm, to focus on my position. I feel more confident as a gamer now. I would 'almost' consider myself to be a real one now, what with how obsessed I am. Act 5 Kitava was easy peasy compared to the mid-boss Innocence. Although, I have never been more relieved to be knocked unconscious by him and awaken to Sin (that is part of the story, we're never meant to defeat him) to signal the end of Part One.


After that, each of the following bosses who seemed like a major roadblock, wasn't really. At that stage my Bane + Despair, and Soulrend was simply too powerful for them. They all phased quickly and died.

Act 6's final boss, the Brine King was easy. Basically, I just needed to ensure I had enough defense to withstand his hits, be it physical or elemental, when I was forced to sit on his butt to avoid the wall of water. A stibnite flask seemed to do the trick.


Act 7's final boss, Araakali the giant ugly spider lover of Silk, was done quick too. Basically, I needed to practice her a little, she was a lot of trouble for my SC witch. She was very doable for my Hardcore Witch. I am a terrible parent to my Witches. I put a lot of thought into the build of DoNotDieLinny (HC) and I slapdash CrankyOldWoman_Synth (SC). The key for me was to kill this mean spider fast. Less time required to avoid her deadly laser lines!


Act 8's Doedre was troublesome for my Softcore witch. The same friend who warned me about Innocence, warned me about Doedre too. I did practice that fight a few times. It requires more strategy and I'm still not sure turning the lever is a good thing. I didn't turn it for my HC. Instead, I used my anti-curse flask and another evasion flask. I also was lucky and found a good ring with 40% reduction to curses. The Doedre fight is deadly because she stacks on curses that get your character to a point they are dysfunctional! Then you're forced to turn the lever to flush out all the badness, which I suspect just makes her more aggressive. The mitigations I went in with was just to give me enough time to kill her with my spells. The key thing for me was to keep moving and dodging the deadly puddles as best I could. She died really fast too.


This league for me is learning the core game.

I realized how much I didn't know when I played Softcore in the first league. I've even started using Path of Building to check out how my build will be impacted. There's been a lot of analysis of each boss fight along the way. I really hope it will help me in levelling in the future. I'm also pleased to say since I started, I have not used any builds posted online and I have just played and decided on my build as I go. It's how I am determined to play this game: my own way.

Playing solo self found also meant that I was forced to do things outside my comfort zone when the drops got too lean. I am dreadfully scared of the Labyrinth, the traps always freak me out. But to get my ascension so I had more advantage over the very scary Innocence, I went for it. I got past Izaro not once, but twice. I went back in a second time to farm it for better drops! I wasn't planning to take him down to get to the treasure room again, but when I got there, I thought...oh what the hell, I need the loot. So I killed him and got more keys than I have ever gotten in Softcore -- I was that desperate. Below is the second run, where I even went into areas I would never go to pick up extra bonuses.


Between the two runs, I had a total of 7 treasure boxes. Unfortunately, the loot was still substandard! Such is life with SSF. :(

It was good to see that my goal to ascend to Occultist was also done, thereby giving me the Fearless Achievement.


To be honest, all the tension each time I played hardcore has me feeling burnt out... I've started my new HC Witch, DoNotDieLinny_Synth. (I keep recycling names as I delete each Witch I surpass). I'm going to take it easier with this HC run and not over analyse until I get back to Act 8.

Next goal for me...

Is to get the Undying Achievement! So unless that happens, I expect to be silent. Hardcore is the best! Give it a go!! <3

Fwiw, this latest HC run has changed my views on Hardcore. I'll be using the next few weeks to rework the hardcore concept of my novel. What I wrote and what I experienced is nothing alike!

Thanks for reading.


I did install PoE and played it. I reached the 2.act and I died several times. PoE is a fun game with countless ways to develop your character. I will definitely play it again, when I find the time :). But not at hardcore...

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Fabulous! You actually downloaded and played it!! Wow. Hopefully, I can pull you in kicking and screaming, like I did @supersoju. Gotta tag and remind her at every opportunity. lol

Yeah, the first character is going to be a very death-heavy experience. This is a game you learn by dying, which is counter productive to Hardcore and why so many players prefer Softcore. It doesn't hand hold at all. The opinions of experienced players have been helpful to know when to be extra cautious because the game bosses are too powerful for the level they are assigned to. So it's been a fair bit of research for me. To me, there is no point in playing hardcore until you are comfortable with the basics and you should definitely allow yourself the opportunity to play it freely, deaths included, because there are so many ways the game can interest a person. I think it's just having gaming goals that helps. My thing at the moment is getting the achievements. :)

I really hope you find the time, Holger...

And I was killed by a Kitava in act 10. But I'm not too upset :) This is a new opportunity to try another character.
Kitava killed me

Good shoes in SSF are hard to come by. That is what happens when my witch dies, I think of the shoes. lol And with each new attempt, my mind is about when I will get some speedy shoes. :)

Sorry to hear you died. Gl next go!

You are a real gamer, you've just been in denial

okay...if I ever get my immortal achievement, which is Level 80 HC, I will admit to being a gamer nerd. Until then, I’m a passing spectator who wandered off-course and having too much fun. lol

errrr you wandered wayyyyyyy off-course; into the course of a hardcore gamer nerd Master Linny.

You remind me of this Korean comedian who was learning to play a pc game to get a better understanding for a job. She ended up getting addicted and did nothing but play for 2 years.

Indeed! 😁

Evil whisper: You must join us one day when you can find time around your must join must...

You can be named DeadlyPoleDancer..?

It's not the steeming I need to find time around, it's the pole dancing 😉

How dare you?!?! Are you calling me a misguided joker?!

Now I want to pick up PoE HC. I've barely played it at all, but I like permadeath challenges, so I'll give it a shot.

Always great to have a new contender in the race, be great to have you along.
Follow me for updates.

It makes the effort of writing these posts worthwhile to read someone consider playing again, especially if they plan to go HC. <3

It's a great game, free and ever so fabulous. The threat of permadeath can be very motivating. lol I do hope you give this league a go and consider being ready for @mattclarke's 24 hr race for the next league? The more the merrier I say!

Hey Linny, I am lost in following your post and all those details about the game. Maybe in my next incarnation when we are able to reconnect :-)

Also amazing how many upvotes you got for this post! The world seems to be ruled by games! Very well deserved, dear Linny! I am proud of you, but I am not really able to appreciate your role in the game, because I simply don't understand the game! I am just a lonely walker and cycling around my neighborhood.

Beat wishes! Peter

oh, the upvotes are from curie and really because someone appreciated the post. If you were to write a lovely post about something you are interested in, and put a lot of heart in, then I’m sure you’re just as likely to catch someone’s eye. Actifit posts are just a very niche.

My gaming posts are really just for fun, and truth be told, I learnt about the game on this chain, so it always feels like the right place to post the achievements I am proud of, even if no one is reading. Well, I expect my few steemian favs here to notice eventually. hehe And I do try to support @mattclarke’s goal to bring more poe interest to the block. Maybe you can shock us by giving it a go! Come on! Although @mcfarhat might shoot me for stealing his MVP. lolol.

But if anyone new takes an interest, I’m always excited. Anyway, the fact you try to connect is why you remain one of my real steemian friends. I know it seems like I’ve abandoned exercise, but I am vain. I’ll start moving again. So you won’t have to be a lonely walker or cyclist for too long. I’ll be back eventually. ;)

that ain't happenin, and you know it :D

Aww, I do remain fond of actifit, I plan to be back very soon. I will sit in on another radio show too -- no doubt I'd be playing PoE with you chatting to your guest in the background.

Unfortunately or I should better say fortunately I am not able to play the game with my computer hardware. My office PC is too slow for PoE. I only get crazy pixels jumping from one side of the screen to the other. :-)

Oh, I very much look forward to your upcoming exercises, jogging, cycling and all that outdoor stuff! ❤️


Congratulations on reaching HC 65!!!!
I'm expecting at least lvl 80 for your next HC character.
I ought to call you Master Linny from now on.

Good idea on using SC to practice the boss fights. I haven't touched the game since the race. A couple of times I have thought about jumping on for an hour to give myself a treat; but I am so brain dead tired to play. Work has been even more busy; been working every day/night for the past 3 weeks; and it will continue so until all the jobs are done. Not sure when that is, but I know for sure that by the time I get the time to play; I will have to re-learn everything. So you will have to teach me what you've learnt. Also your posts will help; I can go back and study them. =D

Also I was thinking; why don't you join twitch and live stream playing? You would be great and very entertaining with your inner chatterbox narrating. Just make sure to let me know if you do.

BTW; Loving the butterfly wings.

Will reply once I finish fighting some fires! I don't have time to write you a blog within a comment to read atm. lol.


wow, the butterfly wings look awesome on your character :D
you have done amazing progress, you made past a lot of deadly encounters especially that Doedre in act7 and brine king looking forward to the next achievement
cheering for you ^_^

Oh the brine king really isn't hard. For this one it really is having the confidence to sit on him and take a couple of elemental hits and avoiding him when he does the big slam. But bring along a flask just in case he does hit you. Like Dominus, sometimes the safest place is on the boss when the waters rise. It's just a bit of ducking around with him. But also, remember what you told me, kill them before they can hurt you. He's definitely one of those bosses.

Doedre was a lucky one. It ended fast, but could have easily gone badly.

Love my wings I do!! So thanks for the compliment! <3

Hi linnyplant,

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This one might be my favorite Curie, in honor of my very dead witch. lol

I'm not going to lie, I've lost faith in the curation initiatives of this platform, but fwiw, I appreciate the curator(s) who gave a non-gamer old lady like me a some recognition for trying to muddle my way through this game I love.

Damn, kid. I've never beaten Kitava in Hardcore. You've left me for dead. I have some high hopes for my current Triple Totem Templar, but I keep putting off the run along the cathedral roof.
I'll wait til my internet is perfect, the kids are at school (so nobody else is using it), and I'm a lot more awake than I am now. Practicing with a softcore character is actually really clever.
I've just been going off memory; which is clearly not as effective.
Seriously, congratulations, Linny. That is some damn fine gaming.
Let's see if we can't find you some room on the podium during the next race.

You said yourself, once you defeat a boss, it gets easier the next time round. I took that onboard and decided to get efficient with my Synthesis goals. I plan to play SC for the challenges, but I'd rather use her now for levelling my HC witch and improve my chances in getting the achievements. My mistake last league was that I left the HC game too late. And I don't see the point of what some of my gamer pals plan to do, in grinding for the challenges in SC first. Because then you are exhausted from the grind and your mind has moved on. That is why Kaom killed me in your race, I did not even remember that act, or any others that followed. I actually thought he was new content!

The engine eternity levelling guides on youtube are fabulous, but you really need to practice and live the experience. Follow their guidance of what you need going in, but then it's time to practice avoiding the boss sequences and be ready for each phase. That is why I felt the SC Witch was good. It was part of the HC fun. I kinda see each HC boss arena to be a boxing match, and my SC witch is my training partner. I really live for HC for the boss fights. I can practice until I am ragged and win in SC, but it doesn't change how nervous I get when I go in with my HC witch. But the only difference is that I that I know I can get through it, if I concentrate. How easy she took them down gave me an indicator as to if I was ready for the boss or not. Anyway, you do know that you can re-fight a boss in softcore if you reset their zone right? So just see it as more Hardcore fun, the practicing. And once you get past, the next time you won't need to practice. I see it as shortcutting the experience of players who have played league after league for years. I've learnt so much as I analyse the fights, what I did wrong, what I could do better. To me, it is all part of the preparation of HC.

Who knows if I will ever be good enough to get on the podium, but I am determined to fast track my way to a half decent player. I was just chatting to a HC player this evening and he got me inspired to look closer at the I hate maths. This game is pushing all my boundaries. I still blame you!

As for Kitava Act 5, he really isn't hard. He is possibly the most mechanical fight of lot. I think we're just scared of him because he is so huge! But if you give yourself a chance to practice and go in with a heavy DPS strategy, you'll realize he is easy compared to Innocence whose fight is long and his spam of projectiles are deadly.

Chaos is the way to go, Matt. It was also you who told me this. I don't think I could go back to elemental spells now.


Thank you! Much appreciated. <3

Time change, people changed. We can't stop whatever happen. I wish I can keep you for a little longer, but it does go together with the game character. Cheers and hope we still come across each other's path in near future.

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