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When it comes to payments, the blockchain helps in executing thousands of payments and transfers in a matter of minutes, the trading platform as well has been heavily transformed with the introduction of the blockchain technology, individuals enjoy huge benefits from trades and better experiences across different trading platforms.

With the inception of the blockchain technology which has given rise to the utilisation of cryptocurrency(virtual money that doesn't have a physical body and is built on the basis of blockchain technology), there is now a simplified transaction process instead of what is obtainable in traditional financial systems.

The adoption of cryptocurrency has overtime addressed the number of issues faced in the centralized financial system, due to its extreme transparency, reliability and scalability, individuals and corporate bodies are moving their real world assets away from centralized management.

Meanwhile, for crypto users who possess diverse digital assets and funds, it is important to figure out ways and platforms to secure these assets and neutralize the incessant attempts of cyber criminals on crypto assets. This is where PAYACCEPT comes in.



PAYACCEPT is a digital wallet management platform designed to provide crypto users an opportunity to properly safeguard their assets while having control and dictating how those assets should be managed.

With a perfectly intuitive layout, lightning fast features and great security structure for funds, this platform is equipped to avail individuals an opportunity to access blockchain products fully.

The payaccept platforms have some amazing features that makes its operations unrivalled within the crypto management industry.

The payaccept platform ensures that the users assume the management and control of their assets by providing everyone with the various unique keys to their wallets. With this key, it is impossible for those wallets to be infiltrated by others.

Furthermore, it is possible to link up to three different banks and their accounts for easy access executing up to date transactions and balances.

Considering how important it is for an individual to stay abreast of the transaction activities within his account, this platform offers a clear assessment of individuals spendings over a period of time.

Moreso, notifications for incoming and outgoing transactions within individuals' accounts are absolutely guaranteed on the platform, there is also an adjustable background colour mode on the interface so users could switch between their preferred background lighting.


With payaccept, payments in more than one thousand currencies can be conveniently converted into one, the transparency and security of blockchain afford investors and users alike the rights and protection which European regulators demand.

Payaccept is on a mission to influence how the global population interacts with the blockchain and traditional finance, by proffering a low cost, convenient and active platform that combines crypto assets, gift cards, vouchers as well as individual's bank accounts.

With the unique user private keys and cold storage technology, it has successfully bridged the gap to access the blockchain economy while maintaining maximum control of users assets completely.For more information visit


A unique cryptocurrency developed by the payaccept platform, to facilitate payments,transactions and incentives within the ecosystem, by holding this token, one is allowed access to enjoy the full perks of the platform.


For every most professionals and beginners in the digital assets industry,management of assets and funds can be a headache sometimes, for this reason, the payaccept platform is designed with cutting edge technology to assume the responsibility of managing users assets at very low rates and giving them a satisfactory experience on the platform


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